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Chiara Ferrani, the case of a documentary split between the conversation and the rejection – Thesaurus


Confidence & # 39; reported that nobody in Italy was interested in broadcasting a fashionable movie documentary. But the objection comes from the producer: "News is untrue, there are several talks"

"The filming of the documentary has not yet been completed, talks are underway on the sale of television rights with major Italian and international programs, and no one has so far refused to acquire Opera rights. If anything, the situation is just the opposite." So Francesco Meltsy, founder of Memo Films, who produces a documentary about Quaré Ferrani, denied the rumor, announced by weekly Chi, in a newsstand release on Wednesday, November 21, according to which "a project that goes from production to production will be documentary" and "to which all the Italian networks – as proposed – would have answered the peaks." The manufacturer also reports that the $ 400,000 budget report is "incorrect and much lower than the one actually used."

Chiara Ferrani and the documentary: what is known

Documentary film by director Elisa Amoruzo (who also wrote the script), and released exclusively by Memo Films srl, a company founded and presented by Francesco Melgi, who, among other things, has released the "Suscripion" film that competed at the last Venice Festival. "The film is distinctly personal on Qiara Ferrani, but it does not stop with it, it goes beyond the limits of man to cope with the phenomenon of influential individuals and how they have changed and change the world of communication," says the producer. "The participants in the fashion world of documentary characters, as well as university professors and writers, with whom we try to understand and analyze the phenomenon of Ferrani, a social phenomenon and as it relates to trade, we want to understand this new world. We are making it standalone, It's an independent film, and when it's ready, we hope to bring it to some festivals in the late spring of 2019. We deal with national and international suppliers, and we decide who to sell, and when they sell it. We are in no hurry. Mo, and there is a very high interest compared to what is usually happening for a documentary, "he concludes.

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