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DIRETTA / Modena Civitanova (final result 2-3) streaming video and television: the end of the race! (Men's volleyball series A1)


The break break starts. Hands-out of Juantorena, 0-1. Zaytsev was beaten by Stankovic, 0-2. Zaytsev's first point, 1-2. Ace of Juantorena, 1-4. Loyal, soon afterwards, Zaytsev walls: 2-6. Press Leal, 3-7. Attack outside Modena, 3-8. Schiaccia Zaytsev, 5-9. Ace of Cester, 5-11. Smash Juantorena, 6-12. Handbook of Juantorena, 7-13. Zaytsev to sign parallel, 8-13. The final for Civitanova that exploits many Emilian errors and closes 9-15 win a good game.


Christenson loses the line and gives the best to the streak set by Modena at the beginning of the fourth set: 3-1. Loal twice, the second is good: 5-2. The Leal attack is this time out, 7-2. Ruined out of Sokolov, 8-3. Ace of Zaytsev, 9-3. Juantorena attacks, Modena fails to defend 11-7. Juantorena is currently attacking. Shortly after that Sokolov and Juantorena were wrong, 14-7. Leal finds out the wall, 14-9. Ace of Juantorena, 14-11. Stankovic first half, 15-12. Pipeline, 17-17. Zaytsev attacks out, 17-18. Exhibition by Zaytsev, 19-19. Stankovic's first half had to wallon by Mazzone, 22-22. Schiaccia Zaytsev, 24-23. Extreme protection of the first attacking Modena, 25-24. Smash Sokolov, 25-25. The spectacular protection of the forces that then take advantage of Sokolov's mistake. Vince Modena 25-27 to Lube i and the saddle.


Speed ​​Zaytsev quickly. Holt first half wall, 1-3. Hands-out of Zaytsev, 2-3. So many errors in this third set start. Sokolov discovers the hand out, 5-7. Lob or Zaytsev, 6-7. Wal Sokolov, 6-9. Instead, Leal finds the touch of the wall, 7-11. Ace of Zaytsev, 9-11. Ace also by Stankovic, 9-13. This time Zaytsev is out, 10-15. Ace of Leal, 11-17. Schiaccia Sokolov, 12-19. Zaytsev finds out the trip, 13-19. Assault of Juantorena, 14-20. Assault of Juantorena to the wall, 16-21. The Modena wall fails with a Leal counter, 17-23. Leal is knocking on the net but there are 4 other points for guests, 20-24. Juantorena is not wasting the first and a sign of the third set conquest by Lube.


Legally Attack, 1-1. Wal Holt on Leal, 2-1. Schiacciata di Simon, 2-3. Wal Civitanova on the bottles, 2-4. Schiaccia Zaytsev, 4-4 confirms a very re-balanced beginning. Wall of Mazzone on Juantorena, 5-4. Leal finds the touch of the wall, 6-5. Simon breaks opponents' adverse adverse, 6-7. Wrong jokes on both sides. Zaytsev stands out, 9-12. Wal outside Zokolov, 11-13. Simon breaks out, videocheck to decree 12-13. Long and spectacular closure closed with Holt wall, 14-13. Ace of Holt, 17-14. Diagonal Zaytsev, 18-16. Schiaccia Juantorena, 18-17. In the final, the game ends with the two competing teams pointing to a point. Lent Wall on Holt's first half, 23-22. Jôc hir Hinaut, 26-26. And Luba at the end of the tick. Ace without Sokolov, canceled six point points at Modena. Final result 29-31.


Holt's first half, 1-1. Wall of Modena, 2-2. Leal finds hands on the wall, 2-3. Ace of Christenson, 4-5. He can emulate him soon after Zokolov and Civitanova are trying to run away. Pipe or Juantorena, 4-8. Hands out of Civitanova wall, 8-10. Modena is not spring. First Crush of Zaytsev: 9-10. Touch the wall on a Leal attack, 9-11. Zaytsev finds out the wall, 10-11. Another winning attack by Zaytsev, 12-11. Modena for the first time in the lead. Assault on Juantorena's attack, 14-12. Juantorena attack on the net, 15-12. Civitanova melts and Emasters accelerate. Wall of Juantorena ar Zaytsev, 19-17. Attack Zaytsev, Civitanova goes back under 21-20. Zaytsev accepts and then scraps, 23-20. The first action of the game ends 25-21.


The girl is about to start directly Modena Civitanova and the climate on the taraflex Pala Panini is hot and this is not enthusiastic about a bit of surprise. In order to make the challenge between Modena and Civitanova so special, it is not only the value of both roster than what they do in the season, but also the very long history of the two highest points. The end-to-end balance is impressive, in size and above all the quality of the data: to give an example, only once in the season, Emiliani and Cucinieri came face to face on 9 occasions. Amongst these data we can read in addition to the two regular rounds of the championship, two challenges for the Final Four Supercoppa, and the final of the Italian Cup. So, we understand the great tension that is being breathed today at Pala Panini. It's time to put the floor to the word: it's played!


Recall that the game modena Civitanova, which is expected in the eighth day of the championship in 18,100, will be visible on state television, which, as in the previous season, has ensured direct television at least two games per round of the A1 Superleague Series. The challenge of tonight in the PalaPanini will therefore be visible in the Raisport + HD channel: streaming live video From the meeting is clearly guaranteed through the free port


On the night before the game between Modena a Civitanova let's see how Gialloblù's home is preparing for this great 8th Serie A1 game. So this is before the night of the kick Tine Urnaut to present the meeting: "Lube? We do not watch the other teams so much, we have to focus on ourselves. Their formation has changed a lot, they are built to win. I do not have to list the names, but we'll put everything on Sundays to win. The site? You always have to watch, it's a direct fight and so it's & # 39; It's a double value, but we repeat, we have to think about our game and be at the top, we can win with everyone. The whistle for Zaytsev and Bruno welcome. The sport lives on continuous changes, there is a new athlete's story every year, I believe Modena will respect Bruno, as he did his other champions in the past. "


Modena Civitanova, directly of the Simbari and Vagni referees, is the game that has organized today on Sunday 18 November 2018 at the Panini Palasport: kicking for the 6.00 p.m.. The men's volleyball volumes return to the attention: in the temple of Italian volleyball one of the most anticipated fighting of the whole season Superleague and not just the eighth day of the Serie A. Championship. These are the guests of Modena, who are led by a wise leader Julio Velasco The current season started at the top, with the victory of the Super Italian Cup. No Citizitanova quoted less clearly highlighting the other national jewels and not just put them at stake. In fact, the team of Medei coach It is undoubtedly the world's most rich star of world music volleyball and the chefs fans are not willing to see their favorites.


Given the Modena Civitanova direct, let's see how both clubs arrive on the eighth day Superleague championship: in any case, the show will be more exciting than ever at Pan Panini tonight. So, after the Super Cup victory, the yellow and blue form of Julio Velasco started with the right foot even the regular season of Series A1. Let's see immediately that the Emiliani is just seconds in the general stand with 17 points and only one KO stained in the table, which did this against the leaders Perugia just in the previous round of the championship. Little below we see the star team of Coach Medei: In fact, Civitanova is the third stage but only 16 points recorded on the eve of the eighth day (regardless of the increase with Siena which took place in the last few days for the ninth day). It should be borne in mind that Lube registers only one day today but 8 sets have been sold to objectors so far.

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