Friday , June 18 2021

Domenico Silvestri, a carabinieri on duty in Rome, died of Covid

Another victim of Carabinieri Kovid. The general team gives the news. “Commander-in-Chief Theo Luzi and all the carabinieri,” reads the note, “are huddled around the family of the specially qualified Apuntato Domenico Silvestri, an officer of the Vermicino (Rome) escort department of the Carabinieri Department of the Bank of Italy, who died of coronavirus pneumonia. leaves wife and two daughters “.

He joined the army in 1990, first serving at the Carabinieri station, first in Pescorocchiano (Rieti), then in Campana (Cosenza) and Stilo (Reggio Calabria) and Gardavalli (Catanzaro), to finally be transferred to the command of the Carabinieri of the Bank of Italy. . According to the note, Sylvester “dedicated his life to his neighbor, a citizen, all those who were in trouble and with a deep sense of responsibility, he always performed the tasks assigned to him with devotion and self-denial. Always available and committed to values, duty A soldier who has humbly served his country every day, the virus has taken him to this day, he was 49. All his colleagues will not forget the friendship, devotion and dedication of “Doctor of Technical Sciences Domenico Silvestri”.

Condolences also from the Minister of Defense Lorenzo Guerinni: “The family of the selected Apuntato special qualifiers carabinieri Domenico Silvestri and his closest loved ones, on my behalf and on behalf of the entire defense, a deep sense of closeness and compassion are achieved. at the forefront of this health emergency even in these days of celebration, which today mourns the significant death of another valiant man. “

The words of intimacy from Deputy Defense Minister Stephanie Puccherelli: “The news of the death of the appointed Special Officer Domenico Silvestri hurts us deeply. I express my feelings of closeness and sympathy to Domenico’s wife and two daughters.”

“After 30 years of service, always near and protecting citizens, he leaves us a servant of the state, a professional who has dedicated his life to his neighbor, the country. To General Theo Luzi and all the Carabinieri, I renew my respect and closeness to the Italians for their valuable and daily work to oppose the spread of COVID-19. A fundamental contribution that all men and women of the Army make to the game with high professionalism and a spirit of service for the benefit of the citizens, ”Puccharelli concludes.

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