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You are a motorcycle who travels often and wants to find a way for you save on petrol? There is no detailed formula, but a set of good practice that makes you to guarantee fuel savings. But also in the right driving style.

The National Hydrocarbon Agency has identified driving parameters associated with driving style. For example, maintaining temperature not too low or by switching off the air conditioner before going down, you can save up to 55 euros per year on petrol.

When you drive, avoiding heating the engine, you will save up to two liters of fuel per month for a value of around 60 euros per year. When entering the gear above when conditions allow, for example, the fourth to the third prefer to travel at 40 Km / h, enable you to win € 40 per annum (Source Enea).

Therefore, this is enough to convince you to give everything you need save on petrol? Here are a few tips to avoid using high fuel when you travel. But even when you're moving in the city. It takes very little to make a good economy.

In a corrupted world of cars and factories, ecosustainability has now become part of a way of thinking. If you do not want to destroy all of our good air, the mobile manufacturing companies have to be fully adapted by the manufacture of new models of sustainable cars, which is why the great company, Audi, decided to invest in a very ambitious project trying to reproduce a type of synthetic gasoline.

Today, we want to talk about a newcomer as well as quite interesting innovation, not just for ecology, but also for performance and costs. We are talking about the synthetic petrol, some of which may already hear about it while others do not. The benefits that will come from this will be genuine. Immediately with the coming ofbiomethane to disel clean the invented synthetic fuel appears to come soon but it will appear soon. This news was published directly by the Audi car company which seems to have invested more in petrol and diesel engines over recent years, but is now ready to make a change by deciding to focus on sustainable environmental fuel. So decided to put the Audi at the forefront and for this reason he was thinking about it synthetic petrol with benefits not only in terms of costs, but also in terms of environmental impact.

What is it Yes fuel obtained directly from waste substances such as biodegradable biomass or agricultural waste. Expectations about this type of gasoline are quite high. Sulfur and benzene will not be present in this synthetic gasoline and this means that there are very low levels of emission to the atmosphere. It does not stop here because the Audi car company also works with Global bio-energy, which is the company that comes from diesel fuel from agricultural waste from France.

So the carmaker soon said he wanted to use hydrogen and carbon dioxide only to get this synthetic petrol It is not known that it can also be used for existing cars or if adjustments are required. In any case, it's a matter of one rather than an ambitious project and just as many other car producers think about generating electric vehicles, Audi is committed to this truly innovative project.

So, the Audi sets one goal, that is, tdeveloping the development of high-compressed ratio machines, improve overall efficiency. Certainly, this German carmaker is not the first time to show an interest in innovation and research, and in fact, since 2014, a team has been commissioned to carry out some studies to create a respectable vehicle and so much as the environment is trying to work to find a technology-based diesel solution that uses electrolytes and carbon dioxide, present in the air to make clean fuel. Have you ever heard of synthetic petrol? What do you think?

How will the octane number of petrol be determined? The petrol machines used in most cars operate through a series of time-controlled explosions. In the engine cylinders, the fuel is mixed with air, after compression, and then is ignored by a syringe. When the fuel used starts combustion before the candle barn due to the heat of the compression, "tapping in the head" occurs in the engine. The fuel quality is better, the less likely the engine hit the pen. The quality of the fuel has been identified by its octane number. Linear chain hydrocarbon numbers have a low octane number and they make poor fuel. The heptane, for example, with an octane number specified is relatively equal to 0, causes the machines to hit the pen. Larger chain cancons have more hydrogen atoms associated with basic carbon. Here are the bonds that need more energy to cut and, therefore, make the combustion more difficult to start, reducing the leaching. For example, 2,2,4-trimethyleptane does not cause any heart breath and is uncommon ringing in an octane number of 100.

An octane number of gasoline is determined by comparing its anti-beaten capability with heptane anti-knockout and 2,2,4-trimethylpentane mixtures. The octane number given to petrol equates to a percentage of 2,2,4-trimethylpentane in the corresponding mixture. Therefore, petrol with an octane number of 91 has the same counter-properties as a mixture of 91% 2,2,4-trimethylpentane and 9% heptane. The term octane number is derived from the fact that 2,2,4-trimethylpentane contains eight carbon atoms. Due to a few different methods being used to determine the octane number, gasoline in Canada and the United States will have an octane number that is between 4 and 5 points lower than one petroleum in Europe and Australia.

Avoid unnecessary loads to save on fuel

we have to avoid heavy loads. Car travel with packets certainly affects the use and stability of the vehicle. So even for the pocket carrier or carrier, moderate use must be used and only used when needed.

The worthless loads can increase the use of up to 40 percent: each additional kg requires fuel, petrol or diesel for transport. For this reason, if you want save fuel, try to empty the car regularly by erasing what is not necessary.

Saving fuel and caring for the tires

Useful facilitation: look at the tires and maintenance. The rest of tires are ignored healthy. Details that can help you save money: the larger tires are disabled and the largest is the surface friction with the ##. So the power to move the vehicle and fuel residues needed.

It was calculated that tire pressure decreased by 10% every four months, so they are necessary at least 3 checks per year. When the tires are disappeared, the fuel consumption is rising and the stability of the car decreases especially at high speed.

You must check it when the tires are cold, at least once a month and before that long paths. The tires change the use of fuel based on:

  • weight: if too low, eating is increasing due to the extraction strength, plus the rubber is easily worn.
  • size: tire size changes affect the use of fuel, so winter tires should only be used in winter and replaced by summer tires as soon as the heat arrives.

Installing a new car tires allows the fuel saving vehicle, but you generally have car checking. Traveling & safer for you and the people of your area. It also carefully evaluates the change of winter tires and summer.

Maintenance prevents the use of many fuels

Vehicle controls save both of you in terms of fuel and improve engine performance. First of all, clean the air filter, with one specific regime. In fact, if it's dirty, it can be a source of fuel leakage. We must also change the oil on the scheduled closing dates. To read: when to do the car review?

How to use less fuel in the city

When you move around the town, the risk of using a lot of gas is pollute due to the nervous guidance. At the start of the vehicle, the first thing to avoid is to override the engine immediately. In this way, eating and wearing is increasing.

Accelerate gradually There is a way of saving fuel, and switching to higher gear is a good procedure. If you're stressing the engine, keeping the equipment for a long time, you will get a wearing process gradually, with an increase in use.

So to save a petrol you have to do drive quietly, avoiding sudden braking and stroke that is worthless and waste only C02 emissions. Another healthy exercise is to switch off the engine when you are in line, or park, in the traffic lights.

In neutral, do you save petrol or not?

When driving in neutral fuel is consumed unnecessarily. Minimum amount of gasoline to keep the operating engine being consumed. It is always better to have a gear as it acts as a brake to the fuel emission as you drive.

Do the plugin use more fuel?

Many ignore the assumption that it has different electronic devices Changing it is not influential on the use of fuel, but having the radio or light lighting is counterproductive. These devices use the battery with more difficulty at the start of the engine and therefore more waste. The rule: extinguish everything that is not needed.

How to save fuel from a diesel car

For those who own a car that is diesel powered, the operating system to save fuel is mainly related to travel speeds.

y driving style it must be uniform, avoiding drunken driving and unnecessary movements with the steering wheel, braking and hard. You must drive the appropriate gear, and always change whenever the computer reaches the 2000 engine reviews. Avoid unnecessary stress.

The driving of sports is always negative for the use of fuel, when it comes to a diselodge but not only. Then even in this case, it is necessary maintenance of vehicles. In particular, you must clean the air filter and check the tire pressure. To save fuel, it's not enough to drive less, you also have to look after your car.

If the air filter is dirty, the engine will be less efficient and the use will increase! Also, make sure you are too inflated tires on the right weight. The same speech, for the summer period, forbids the tires of winter. It's done in a way that guarantees excellent transport in the face of snow, and more friction is more useful.

The load of the car has a great impact on the use of fuel, so it's better to travel light. The same for theair conditioning, it's better to use at high speed at average temperature. Instead, the windows that have dropped should be avoided.

Among the types of fuels that are suitable, among the most performing petrol and more performance, which allow more resistance, the best compromise is the hybrid engine. So better diesel or gasoline? Much depends on the use you make of it: for long travel journeys there may be the right choice for the city that could be the second answer is better.

The last tip to save gasoline

The final piece of advice, perhaps the least unlikely. you have to use the car as little as possible and carry out daily activities using other methods or not going, sending and running messages, when opportunities allow.

These are subjective options, regardless of the fuel used or how many times you take with the car. The important thing is to have an environmental ethic, which respects the rules of the road and prevents pollution. This is also a good way for me save fuel.

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