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Francesco Molinari signs the single ever-ending Italian sport

Independent and winner. More. Unreal and unforgettable. More still. Finishing the year first in the European Tour Site, even as official awards – unnecessary to say: first ever for a while – Francesco Molinari's golf season becomes legendary. Not only exceeds the national history of his discipline but also goes great in the sport of "de noartri", signing the biggest single ever-ending Italian sport, and thus surpassing the sport "War-Paris-Davis" armed with a tune by Adriano Panatta in 1976. The season is so important to leave an even rigid mark in the world, in the most popular races.

Francesco Molinari (AFP)

We summarize them. In May, Turin, who spent 37 on 8 November and lived in London for many years, won the fifth title of the continental circuit, the BMW Pga Championship listed on a famous field like Wentworth, spinning on the last lap on the European pure talent, Ireland Rory McIlroy, beat him with two shots and his grandson, Costantino Rocca, in the Italian titles on the European Tour.

And then he lost the triple to the Italian Open with one stroke, leaving space to Olesen, but showed all the technical progress and great security in managing race. In June, he wrote the first Italian name since 1947 in the most important circuit tournament, the PGA in the United States, assembling National Loans National Loans, which is still the final with 62 shots on a day Sunday (last 259, -21!), Decide eight years later, Ryan Armor, and get the tall of his Idol Tiger Woods. Second in the history of Italian golf, although the predecessor, Toney Penna, is a Italian half: born in Naples, he was raised in Harrison, and then became an American state.

Francesco Molinari (AFP)

On July 22, the first Italian history in Majors, Molinari won the Open Championship on Carnoustie's links in Scotland, one of the golf clubs. With a final without Bogey, at 69, the headteachers refused up in the last 18 with Tiger Woods, beating Kisner, McIlroy, Rose and Schauffele and hit the world-6 record. In September, qualifying for the European national right for the Ryder Cup in Paris cats dominating the United States of the phenomena – full of champions who did not team – for 17.5 to 10.5, became the first ever to close with an incredible 5-0-0 report card, ie five victories, zero pulls and no scams.

Joining a friend of Tommy Fleetwood in the four-and-four games (another ruling), just to force himself against the myth like Phil Mickelson. Guarantee the role of the absolute protagonist among the absolute composers of world golf.

Fleetwood, the championship of the Old World professional championship, was his only competitor for the Ras to Dubai record in the World Tour DP Championship, the eighth Rolex Series event, at Jumeirah Golf Estates, with eight million dollars in a first and 60 silver prize. the standings in the race. It was enough for him to control the great advantage of the top of the 4,709,921 points, with the English at 3,684,755 points, forced to win the tournament and hoped that the Italian would finish over the fifth place . Unlikely surroundings, as was already understood after the first two areas.

Francesco Molinari (AFP)

Molinari's strength, a champion without incredible technical and physical skills, built himself a piece by piece, starting from a strong attitude of work, intelligence and cold attitude, has always been moisture, ability to grow & # 39 ; Slowly, without jerking, however, creates a series of striking milestones in national golf. Technically, credited with good hands and great ability in the choice of plums and so in the competition, he had always been shy and python on the butt, but he filled all the weaknesses, adding & # The best experts to the team and work hard, are also in mind, with the firm contribution of Dave Alred. In May 2006, taking the first title in the European Tour, he finally added the name of a home player in the Italian Egypt, who was even missing by Massimo Mannelli in 1980. In November 2009, along with & For an elder brother, Edoardo, he had signed the World Cup at Mission Hills in China.

In 2010, the WGC-HSBC Championship in Shanghai, surpassed Lee Westwood by a stroke, with a 19 final, with a 14th ranking in the world, thanks to the eleven "top top", including two second, with the fifth End of season site at the Dubai Race. Having won the world's reputation for the Ryder Cup with his brother in the Celtic Manor victory issue won by a European partner from 14.5 to 13.5 with all the audience won by both Italian boys.

Can only bring half a point, with tied, but still characters, man, spontaneously, can cement the group. In 2012, Francesco qualifies for Ryder by losing two games but pulling it out with Tiger and contributing to the return of the old continent on the last day of 10-6 below. In 2015 and 2016, competing on the European Tour and the PGA, and then two years ago he became the first Italian to win the Open home for the second time, beat Danny Willett with a stroke, taking important steps in second with the second place in Open de Espana and in the Open de France, in Europe, and the third in the US Tournament Tournament. And consolidates his presence among the composers.

Francesco Molinari (AFP)

Serious, very serious, always calm and clear, last year, Molinari has reinforced his assurance as a champion to prepare for the jump in Olympus golf this season, exceptionally, winning, unreal, unforgettable, legendary, beyond history. After spending a huge figure: $ 4,709.921 per season, plus 1.5 million awards from n. The finals of the 2018 Race to Dubai, together with the change of the final race of the weekend, to just over 35 million dollars of official prizes, he only stuck in his career. Because the money, for professional in general and therefore in the most professional sports, is a symbol of success. Who knows if the champion who has been labeled for the years with the nurse who has branded as a child, "Chicco", also grows and explodes the organization national, breaking down the elite barriers and turning it into popular sports, as Adriano Panatta made with tennis, and with all respect due to the great Alberto Tomba, just as ski pioneer, and two Olympic gold gold composer in the slalom in Calgary 1988: but not sports in the world that is practiced as tennis and golf, with fewer countries and less composers who are involved in the level highest.

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