Friday , July 30 2021

Hacker assault from abroad, has trampled 500,000 peck boxes

Ministries and Effective Persons, with disclosure of magistrates' personal data and the result of blocking appeal Court services throughout Italy. Dis: scary episode, now anti-treatment


"Scary", "serious" assault that has had "important effects". The most significant launched this year against Italy. There are around 3,000 subjects between the public and private affected, over 30 thousand areas and about 500,000 pec, (certified e-mail), 98,000 of which belong to the Public Ministry).

The hostile act has fallen to the courts, with the disclosure of the petty's personal data and blocking the services of the entire Court of Appeal in the country, but Foreign Affairs, Interior, Defense ministries have also been involved, Economics, Development Economic. Deputy deputy director (Department of security information) now explained that the deputy of the cope, Roberto Baldoni, stated that the situation was "under control", but what happened has shown that "measures must be taken appropriate as soon as possible to pick up the cyber defenses ".

Hacker target is Pomezia's certified email service provider
The hackers target – which the Post Police would investigate – has been a certified email service provider (Pec) Telecom from Pomezia (Rome). On the 12th the company noticed it and the service was blocked as precautions. The next day, the incident was reported to the National Criminal Information Center for Critical Infrastructure Protection, which reported to the Cyber ​​Security Unit, which was set up in the Dis. On 14 November, given the importance of the episode, the President of the Council, Giuseppe Conte, was notified that he called a technical meeting, held today in the Dis, of the Interministerial Committee for the Security of the Republic (CISR) to study further .

"Full stress, now an opponent"
At the end of the meeting, unusual for intelligence, Baldoni held a press conference on one side to ensure that the adopted inclusion actions were adopted: "The situation is under control, there is a recovery the function continues. access to the Pec, but this must be done by the individual "; On the other hand, it has identified the need to "strengthen the protection system, and not a technological problem, but legislative and contractual issues are more important". Strategy shared by the Government and by the main Conte. The CISR has thus accelerated, identifying three stages of its operation as soon as possible: "Operators who provide essential services for the implementation of the country – said the director Dis – A commitment to raise their level of defenses, then avoid contracts in Which is the basis of the largest reduction in cyber field and the implementation of a National Appraisal and Certification Center for the products, processes and telematic services of the organizations that have been included within national security perimeter ". In essence, those who handle sensitive information to the country – as the ministries Pec – must have adequate cyber protection systems. And the sufficiency will be certified by a special National Center. In the meantime, the police investigation into the assault continues. "Whoever came in for taking some things" was limited to saying Baldoni, who talked about an "not refined extreme" assault.

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