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"I'm disgusting, I was crying out of fury"


In the first special episode of Russia Cursed stories with Frank Leosini under the title "This Shot Heats", released in the evening on Rai 3, Antonio Siontoli he said his truth about M's deathArch Vanni, one of the legal events that marked these years and mobilized public opinion. The first deputy navy speaks for the first time outside the courtroom and on television that was held that evening on May 17, 2015.

The reaction of the lawyer to the family of Vannini

The reaction of lawyer Celestino Gnazi did not wait. Vanney's family lawyer entrusted his comment to the first episode by Frank Leosini for Facebook. "I heard that Antonio Ciontoli said that he had assured his daughter Martin about Marco's condition, and I heard that he himself assured Martin." Marco assured Martin, saying that she was beautiful, a destructive force whose ball had just pierced his lungs, only piercing his heart, just pierced the edge and did not run away just because she was holding the epidermis.Ciontoli says that what a poor boy would say to Martina that virtually nothing happened "And the message ends with criticism from the journalist. "I did not hear that Leozini jumped or, at least, said something, asking a question, a hint of surprises, something I do not know. I dismissed the ugly TV and, for the first time since the beginning of this tragic story, I was crying out of anger. I feel sick. , I do not think that I ever felt such a great nausea. So strong that it prevented me from speaking everything I thought.

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