Saturday , July 31 2021

On Sunday, the extinguishing charge of Den Harrow against the former: "He was pursuing a knife for me and …"

On Sunday living with Barbara Drso in defense of Den Harrow, his companion, Daisy Scaramella, responded to all the allegations launched by former counterparts of the famous Wreck Island wreck. In an interview with Hyenas, Annalisa Orlandi and Federica Bertoni have been accused very hardly: "He chooses women who are economically independent, because he likes good life, gifts Well, it's serial, there is a serial parasite of women. "

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Bertoni has also denoted Den Harri for violence, but here is the singer who collects serious accusations against her former: "It was a knife chasing me, I was I used to lock myself in a room, and I'm a blackbird belt, but I do not touch women, I did complain about this, I do not like I tell you what was invented … I have panic emergencies ".

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