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Sassari, Campus wins with its right-centered lists


The right center on the right of public lists in the second round of the municipality of Sassari wins. After checking, campus Nanny, former mayor and people's deputy Fy and An, who is currently running a coalition of public lists, imposes 55% of the vote on the center-left candidate Mariano Brian. The turnout dropped sharply, staying at 44.96% against 54.71% in the first round.


In the first round of elections, Bryanda took 34.06%, a campus of 30.54%. But the benefits of the first round of 4.5 points were not enough for a candidate supported by the Democratic Party, Campo Progressista Sardegna, and Futuro Comune, Sassari, European City and Italia in Comune. The campus, which is a physician, returned to the field with the support of the "joint project of Sassari", "Sassari Cictique", "Sassari", "Prima Sassari", "Noah for Sassari".

In the first round the winner clearly broke Mariolino Andrew, the official candidate for the League, Forza Italia, Fratelli d & # 39; Italia and the Sardinian Action Party, and although there was no official statement, it is very likely that he received many votes in the center-right region


Almost a plebiscite for the traveling captain Tommaso Locchi (center-right), confirming himself by the leadership of Montserrat, the center of the capital city of Cagliari, with 67.5% of the votes cast during the vote. The gap provided to the applicant is more than 30 percentage points, the leader of the Democratic Party, supported by the left center of Valentina Picky, is 32.4%. Locci will be able to rely on a solid majority of at least 12 directors out of a total of 17.


Sardinia, held by the municipal elections in Sassari and Montserrat. Wealth in a sharp decline

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