Tuesday , June 15 2021

The outbreak in Italy is expanding: the number of infected people, the alarm of Serie A is growing

The outbreak broke out in the Russian national team Roberto Mancini during qualification obligations Global 2022 against Northern Ireland, Bulgaria and Lithuania. Transfers were controlled and which, despite the protocols, did not avoid the conclusion of the contract COVID nine players and staff, according to a press release issued by the Federation on March 30.

Positive players returning from the national team

Positive results are in order Leonardo Bonucci (with a press release from Juventus), Marco Verratti, Alessandro Florenzi, Vincenzo Grifo and Alessio Kragno, the last positive result after the game in the Serie A match against Verona, as it was initially negative.

Sassuolo’s choice

Another line than the accepted one Sassuolo, which he decided to exclude as a precaution Manuel Locatelli, Domenico Berardi and Francesco Caputo against Roma as well as monitor their health, protect both the players themselves and the whole team. Relief among Inter fans: from the last round of tampons all citizens would have a negative: Stretcher and Sensei therefore available to Mr. Conte (who cannot deploy the stick because he is disqualified).

As for the rumors about other players, so far nothing official, except that the Turin player will also be positive, and that the blue from Juventus that would be weakly positive. Expectation confirmed by the club’s statement of April 6: Federico Bernardeschi this is positive.

Silence from the Federation

On the positive sides of the national team there are only rumors about their names, but so far confirmation from FIG and directly involved. It is now known that President Gabriele Gravina is also in isolation under the protocol and that his commitments to the agenda have been postponed due to the fragility of the situation, which affects both him and his staff. Waiting to find out what went wrong and caused the bubble to burst, infecting so many people, including the blues, co-workers and co-authors.

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