Monday , September 20 2021

Tokyo 2020, Paola Enogu apologizes, and the Russian ignores her. “Ma pijatela ner c *** o” as lightning – Libero Quotidiano

Paola Enogu

Cheerful curtain during the Azzurri Olympics Paola Enogu. The Italian women’s volleyball team started the victory in 3 sets against 0 Russia. But traveling around the world (and the Internet) is not an insult to Enog, the champion of Russia‘Imoko Volleyball and the winner of the Olympic Games, during her records, but those that have a special reaction to the Russian opponent. Images that unleashed social people.

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In the video images, in fact, at the end of the action, we see Paola Egon apologizing in English to one of the opponents. Three times the Italian volleyball player utters the word: “Sorry” in the direction of the Russian volleyball player. But he does not pay attention to her.

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At this point, Egon is cursed in the Roman dialect: “І pijatela ner c *** come on”, – the volleyball player clicks. Then, as if nothing had happened, she continues to cheer on her companions and play. The images of the veil immediately went viral, but they divided the social population. In fact, among the hundreds of comments are those who laugh and appreciate, and those who instead claim that they made a mistake, that they do not deserve to carry the Italian flag, and that they should even be disqualified.

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