Friday , July 30 2021

Uncertain stock exchanges and dissemination of decline. In Piazza Affari, eyes on Tim –

MILAN – European stock markets move towards uncertain departure as suggested by the future. Commercial tensions between the US and China are back in the background. A sign in this sense has come from the top countries of the Asia-Pacific Region, which at the end of the appointment in Papua New Guinea failed to agree a common statement precisely because of the differences between the two major world economies. Meanwhile, Tokyo rose by 0.65%. The euro is constantly opening up to $ 1.14 and trading at $ 1,1409 and 128.63 yen.

At the front of a domestic frontier, following a new government response to Europe where the government has repeated its willingness not to change it, this week the Eurogroup should start the long process that could lead to the adoption of a procedure crime against Italy In the meantime, the spread begins to fall slightly, to 308 points with our ten year bond output at 3.45%. In Tim Piazza's affair lighting, Tim, who chose his board on Luigi Gubitosi's Sunday as a new CEO instead of Genish amos, while the government is increasing the pressure for joining the network with Open Fiber.

The prices of the company grow oil on the possibility that OPEC will decide that more product is produced: contracts with a mature WTI movement in December that expire today show an increase of 68 cents to 57.14 dollars per barrel. The Brent raises 55 cents to 67.31 dollars. L & # 39;gold there are up to 1219 dollars.

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