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Vestone Valsabbia – Local medicine, nice words, but …

“Everyone is moving to change the state of neglect that medicine has been experiencing for years in this area (see Protests in Salo.) All but the walsabbini.” Thus, the reader, referring to the Presidium of Nozza

They called it a “day hospital,” in fact, it became an outpatient center, increasingly in short supply.
We are talking about the “social and health center” Nozza.

“It’s possible that our valley politicians never ask for anything, and all these people are moving to Salo!” Where is the structure collapsing and only 4 km from the hospital?
So writes the reader.

«There are very few services left in our area now, some closed even with the justification of a pandemic and did not open again, – he adds, -. The same goes for radiology, which they tried to close a few years ago: the mayors went to the field and the service was resumed, but a year ago it was closed again and no one complained anymore.

All visits are made to Gavardo clinics, even at the risk of letting users into the danger zone, where instead national guidelines provide for the relocation of visits to the territory and the strengthening of areas.

They stayed in Nozka (currently) dentist, cardiologist and dermatologist.
There is no ophthalmologist, ENT, gynecologist for pregnant women (there were two of them), no surgeon and orthopedist. In short: basic clinics, which are lacking, of course, are not perfect!

And in all this, private health care is spreading, where, in addition, it is very difficult to control access methods, spaces and adequate spacing, while in Nozza there are large, bright and spacious waiting rooms, unfortunately, are less and less used.

Instead of swearing, then lower your head and take itWhen they fail to make a visit and have to go to Gavardo or, worse, to Desenzano or Manerbio, Valsabbini, like me, must find out why this is happening and give the managers their first and last names to avoid re-voting. like me too.

At the very least, they should write or call the Public Relations Office (URP Ats) complain about the inconvenience or be heard by their mayor, who has to represent them in the mountain community to ask them to strengthen the clinics in our valley, not dismantle them.

The letter is signed

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