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Woman is attacked on acid and has stabbed in a restaurant in Civitanova: it is serious

Woman is attacked on acid in the street and stabbed: it is severe

Blinded by envy, she threw her acidity against her girlfriend, night dancer, and then turned twice into a restaurant room where the woman had a refuge. The capital city of the aggression produced the end of the afternoon in front of a number of witnesses in the citizen of Civitanova Marche, among Macedonia, 32, irregular in Italy, and then arrested by Macerata's Mobile Squad on charges of attempting murder. A 30-year-old Roman woman's victim reached the left eye by the corrosive fluid, which would not compromise her vision, and was being acted urgently in the hospital due to hemorrhage due to severe injuries suffered by abdomen and upper part behind the throat. Among the witnesses, deputy M5S Mirella Emiliozzi.

Gessica Notebook, screwed with acid: 15 years for Tavares. The victim: «She was looking for»

The woman would not now be at risk of living thanks to the successful result of the surgery. "It spoiled my life, I had to kill it," the man shouts in front of some customers of the "Tuna and Salmonè" restaurant in Corso Vittorio Emanuele after giving two fixed privileges to & # 39; the young Romans. Soon before both of them had violent violence near a subway at Via Indipendenza. The 32-year-old had launched a bottle against the acid woman. It has not been possible to avoid the fluid altogether, and part of it has reached its eye. Then she went away and took shelter, in tears, in the nearest restaurant restaurant to rinse off. But, however, Macedonian had arrived to throw.

At that point, the interference of some local supporters may have been prudent and would have drawn the attacker's attention, allowing the police to arrive immediately, suspend it and prevent it learn. Macerata Mobile Squad agents, directed by Maria Raffaella Abbate, have asked the 32-year-old for a long time to recycle the facts, dynamics and motivation. It's likely that the relationship between the two recently would have been amazing. This is probably due to the feelings of jealousy by the Macedonian against the girl as well because of his work. So much to stimulate a man, is one of the circumstances that researchers are investigating further, to present themselves to the love that has been triggered by acid and knife shown at height the quarter tenth.

Nearly the abusive space in those moments was also the deputy citizen M5s Mirella Emiliozzi. "I'm not worried about nationality – he says – these are things that should not happen and that's all, because whatever is the reason that can not be justified to use violence from & # 39; such, I can not get pregnant »

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