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Big event in F3 Macau | Formula 1 | F1 News

A big event happening in F3 Macau Formula 1 | News F1 | ESPN F1

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Demolish Sophia Froush at 270 km / h in a German teenage driver in F3 race in Macau, due to a serious injury that broke the spine.

A 17-year-old Froush machine led another machine and flew into the area at the end of the course without being able to cheat at all. In the barn of the barn, the part that caused the accident was not shown, but it became apparent later that Froush was in contact with a competitive machine in the full opening department going to the Lisboa department.

His machine damaged lost control, said he was jumping to another machine and jumping to the barrier. According to the speed trap in the braking zone, Froush ran at 276.2 km / h when the second contact occurred.

Damage to the obstruction caused a temporary red flag to be suspended over the race. Froush was aware and had been introduced to hospital, the Grand Prix Macau Organizer had announced, but later the initial diagnosis of backbone was given. After that, Froush wrote that he was safe alone with "Twitter" and ready for surgery.

"I wanted to tell everyone I'm really. I'm going to have a surgery tomorrow morning, thanks to @ fiawa @ @ @ hwaag_official, @ Mercedes AMGF 1 who has made great care. Thanks For everyone who sends me, I will report again. "

The place where the machine has collapsed is where there are many plays, the Marshal race and many others were transported to the hospital with Froush. Shosui Tsuboi Froush also climbed the machine to sentenced to the hospital complaining about back pain but after reporting that the security was reported.

One Marshall suffered a relaxing surface and a break of the jaw. Two photographers were also transported, one observed the increase in the liver string, and another Mr Minami Hiroyuki was diagnosed as a cerebral shake.

Mick · Bu Schumacher, who became the new F3 champion, also took part, after the race began, Dan · tiktum of Red Bull's younger won the championship.

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