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[건강을 읽다] Chlorophylls survived to cold wind

11 · December focuses in winter … Washing hands

[건강을 읽다]    Chlorophylls survived to cold wind
[아시아경제 서소정 기자] As cold wind blows and temperatures fall, patients with Norovirus are increasing.

Statistics on a food poisoning event for five years from 2013 to 2017 from the Food and Drug Safety Agency on the 18th, an average of 50 cases (1,099) per annum of Norovirus food poisoning occurred. In particular, it was collected in the winter as 6 cases (128 people) in November, 11 cases (218 people) in December, and 9 cases (115 people) in January.

Food poisoning in Norovirus is an infectious disease that can raise foods and water that have contaminated with norovirus, or spread human contact to man. Warning should be carried out when patients with a norovirus infection touch their masks, hit them, etc. without touching their hands after touching their hands by touching their hands, or by eating food.

When it is infected with norovirus, symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea appear within 1 to 2 days, and the abdomen, chapel and fever pain may appear. To prevent norovirus food poisoning, we must carefully control personal hygiene.

After using the toilet, after ears, before washing, you should wash your hands. Because Norovirus is small in particle size and a strong connection in the face, it should be washed for 30 seconds or more with soap or detergent to clean finger, hand, etc. and rinse with running water. Causes, diarrhea, etc. If you suspect that there is a virus infection, you should visit a medical institute immediately.

The patient's virus contains a lot of virus, so be careful not to spread contamination with hybrid vinyl gloves, etc., and disinfect the food, the floor and the surrounding area with a chlorine disinfectant.

Oysters, such as oysters, should be eaten as much as possible and groundwater should be consumed. Because Norovirus is resistant to heat, cooked food should be cooked at a central temperature of 85 ° C for at least 1 minute. Vegetables and fruits should be eaten after washing with clean water. People with symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea should give the most to take part in cooking food immediately and should not take part in cooking for at least a week after symptoms have been restored.

In order to prevent groundwater pollution, water quality is regularly checked to control contamination and control of groundwater so that the groundwater will not be contaminated by water in a river, a contaminated water septic tank, and so forth. In addition, the water tank should be cleaned regularly (at least once every six months), and contamination is suspected, groundwater should be used and tests such as norovirus should be carried out.

"If you use underground water as a food source at a group food service station, you should install disinfection equipment as an automatic chlorine injecter in the water storage tank."The hygiene control of cooking workers needs more attention in facilities and restaurants that many people use."

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