Monday , June 14 2021

& # 39; 1 us a 2 day & night, a sister Ginny Kang Hye-jin appeared ..

& # 39; 1 us a 2 day & night, a sister Ginny Kang Hye-jin appeared ..

Ginny Sister & # 39; Kang Hye-jin appears on One Night and Two Days, which will reveal the hint tips of the first presidential strategy for one million followers.

The first story of The Jeonju Live & # 39; in Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do, a traditional city where Korean's taste and style is live in the KBS 2TV and Sun Sunday entertainment program -1 Night 2 Day 3 & which was broadcast on the 18th. On this day, the members will go to challenge the citizens of Jeonju as well as live broadcasting that will communicate with the nets by walking around the hanok village and & # 39; The south market is full of attractions.

Meanwhile, sister Ginny & # 39; Kang Hye-jin will be releasing yellow tips that can become presidential presidents through this live broadcast. On this day, Kang Hye-jin will play a team with Cha Tae-hyun and Yun Dong-gu. However, for both people who do not have a common sense of newspaper articles such as one media broadcasts, it is revealed that it has proven its special expressions and why it is called "senior presidential". Here is the "hard drive" back door that is Cha-tae-hyeon-yundong-gu-neck with the word "I have to drive the & # 39 hearing ; the vision "and make the staff filming even"

Kwon Hye-jin, presidency of President Gye Hye-jin, who pained Jeonju Hanok's entire village with "Guinea sister" by broadcasting "1 night 2 days" on the 18th.

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