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Badminton Son Wan Ho wins Hong Kong Singles Open Singles

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Badminton guys Wan-ho (Incheon International Airport) mentioned in the Hong Kong Opening Badminton 2018 Championship.

In the final finals of the single men in Hong Kong in the 18th century, Sun-Wan-ho was ranked 6th in the world and beat Nishimoto Genta (Japan) 11th in world 2-1 position ( 14-21 21-17 21-13).

Son Wan-ho's international championship is only four years after winning the Hong Kong Open in 2014.

On the same day, Lee So-hee (Incheon International Airport) and Shin Seung-chan (Samsung Electro-Mechanics) scored the last round with a 0-2 (18-21 17-21) hit to one world number Yuki Fukushima and Hirota Sayaka (Japan).

Lee So-hee and Shin Seung-chan won the Chinese Open last week but failed to win the second consecutive week.

The Korean national team collected a gold medal, silver medal, and bronze medal in the tournament, including Sung Ji-hyun (Incheon International Airport), which finished third on the 17th in the semifinals.

In the Irish International Badminton Series 2018 in Ireland, the women of Ahn Se-young (Gwangju Chego), Kim Gaeun (Samsung Electro-Mechanics) and Shim Eugene (Incheon International Airport) were lines of their meds with gold medals, silver and bronze . Doubt Choi Sang-gyu (Yonex) men – Seo Seung-jae (Wonkwang University) also won gold medals.

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