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Bento debut 5G undefeated & # 39; is the largest house … Go to top Uzbekistan> Soccer> Sports

Bento debut 5G undefeated & # 39; is the largest house … Go to the front of Uzbekistan

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Paulo Bentou (Portugal) coach will take a new record in the final game of 2018 after he was taken off in the first game away after he had left Australia.

Bentou led the team to draw 1-1 at the Australian Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, Australia.

He started in August and started his 2-0 win against Costa Rica on September 7, Bentu is a bit of 2 wins and 3 draws in five games.

This is equivalent to an inappropriate title record & # 39; first since 1997 when I was responsible for coaching a national team.

Former coach Joe Bonfrere (Netherlands) holds the unexpected record in five games.

Bonfrere, who took up a post in June 2004, started his victory in Bahrain 2-0 in July of that year and continued to increase 3-2 by Kuwait in the same month Asian Cup group period.

Former 2-3 Guus Hiddink (Netherlands) coach lost the "Four-Fourth" World Cup in the Carlsberg Cup match against Norway in January 2001.

The old coach Ulys Stiliecke (Germany), who scored 69% of his career high, was 2-0 in Paraguay against Paraguay in October 2014, but did not lose the loss to Costa Rica 1-3.

South Korea's former coach, Shin Tae-yong, scored 0-0 succession with Iran and Uzbekistan in the last World Cup registrar in September last year, and first made four consecutive wins in his second consecutive victory against Russia and Morocco in the following month. .

The next game & # 39; Ben Tuoh & # 39; is a game against Uzbekistan in Brisbane QSAC on the 20th.

If he does not, Pentu will have a new record with six unsuccessful games since his appointment as the national team coach.

Uzbekistan, who often encounters an Asian step, is not an easy opponent.

In the 2015 Asian Cup quarter rounds, we won 2-0 after extra time, and in the last final round of last year's last World Cup, it was 0-0.

However, South Korea has also been promoted in the home game against Chile and Uruguay after Pentuctor, and the possibility of achieving the record is enough, as it is lacking the first Australian game against Australia.

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