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[천지일보=강은영 기자]    In addition, the Chairman Kim Tae-young of the Democratic Party and Seo Young-kyo, deputy head of the Party of the First Party, will be arranged to hold the first meeting of the three parties, IT (Chair of Policy Committee + Senior Vice President) I can listen to a question. The first meeting was not held on that day. Ⓒ Tianji Daily 2018.11.12
[천지일보=강은영 기자] In addition, Deputy Chairman Seo Young-kyo of Democratic Party (left) and Chairman Kim Tae-young of the Policy Committee. Ⓒ Tianji Daily 2018.11.12

Kim Tae-year "Koreans · Hong Joon-pyo Did not buy something else?"

Here's Young-gyo, "Political Fund Raising for Illegal Politics in 2002"

[천지일보=김수희 기자] In addition, the Democratic Party strongly criticized the statement called "tangerine box" by former President of South Korea, Hong Joo-pyo, referring to the "scandal" of the GNP.

In addition, the Chairman Kim Tae-young of the Democratic Party said, "Only people who believe that there are only other things. I am a person who has experience of accepting other things."

Is Young-kyo, deputy head of the Democratic Party, said, "I want to return this memory through Mr. Hong's comments."

The "gathering case" refers to a place event and the National National Party funded illegal political campaigns using trucks during the 2002 presidential election. At that time, the National National Party also shaved the own party.

"At the 2002 presidential election, I remember the cause of the National National Party hunting for money, asking for money from large corporations and holding hundreds of millions of earnings in trucks," says Hong. I'll think once. "

Earlier, Tŷ Glas sent 200 tonnes of mandarin oranges to the North in return for a North Korean pine mushroom gift. Hong said, "How many people will think they just have orange juice in a box of pillows?" He said, "They have already sent hundreds of millions of dollars to North Korea in exchange for the Korean-Korean summit." .

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