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NSC: "We must apologize if the Korean government concludes that it is not" (Comprehensive)


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On December 12, Cheong Wa Dae proposed a joint investigation by international organizations about the Japanese government, which is implementing Korea's export policy, for example hydrogen fluoride.

In particular, when it comes to the absence of guilt by the Korean government, the Japanese Government apologized and expressed its position regarding the withdrawal of controls on exports.

Secretary-General of the National Security Council Kim Yu-keun of the National Security Council said: "We are very pleased that recent high ranking officials in Japan have made irresponsible remarks, which is evidence of a violation by the Korean government of export control and sanctions laws, I am sorry.

Kim said: "In particular, we exchanged information on our efforts with Japan on export controls and sanctions at various negotiations, such as four major international export control conferences," he added. – The Japanese government is concerned about non-compliance and inappropriate behavior of the Korean government. "We need to provide clear evidence."

Kim, the former head of the UN Security Council committee, told the conservative Fuji TV that "the government of the Republic of Korea has publicly disclosed such violations of export restrictions on weapons of mass destruction." I do not think it is hard to treat South Korea as a white nation, "he said.

Ondemand August 8, Onodera Ishinori, chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party's Security Council, said: "There is an increase in the illegal use of strategic materials that can be devoted to mass destruction in Korea." It is also said that it contains the will to not.

The Korean government has appealed to the UN Security Council or relevant international organizations to conduct a fair investigation into violations of the four major export control systems in Korea and Japan in order to stop unnecessary disputes and to determine whether the Japanese government's statement is true. I suggest you do this.

"If the investigation reveals that our government is wrong, the Korean government will apologize for it and take immediate corrective action." However, when it comes to the conclusion that there is no mistake of our government, the Japanese government not only apologized to our government, "We must immediately withdraw the export control measures."

He added: "It is also necessary to conduct a thorough investigation of cases of violations in Japan."

It is understood that Cheong Wa Dae will not actively participate in the joint investigation of the international community and will actively respond to extreme right-wing politicians and conservative media in Japan, which uses export control rules in Korea for political purposes before the upcoming parliamentary elections in Japan.

Kim explained: "As a result of the discussion in the presidential office, I summed up the disclosure of our government's position." "We had to express a strong message."

He also criticized Japan's statements, highlighting measures to curb the import of North Korean strategic goods that the government has carried out.

Kim said: "We have strictly adhered to the UN Security Council resolutions as a member of the United Nations to quickly achieve the full goal of complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, and we implement the sanctions resolution in an exemplary and very transparent manner." Meanwhile, Korea and the United States worked closely together. with illegal transhuman activities in close cooperation. "

"In fact, over the last two years, we have only kept six of the three vessels suspected of being unlawfully overloaded for more than a year and a half, and we are in close consultation with UN sanctions for all necessary measures." .

It is said that the outflow of strategic goods claimed by Japanese politicians is only a political offensive.

Kim said, "We have fully regulated illegal exports and strategic goods for third countries as members of all relevant agreements and guidelines, including four major international export control systems. If we violate the law, we will find it and take the necessary legal and administrative measures to prevent recurrence.

"Over the past four years, the public has released 150 cases, indicating that the Korean government is carefully and transparently implementing the export control provisions." "We are revealing cases of taking strategic materials of our country to foreign countries."

"I would like to ask in Japan, too, whether they are transparent management of the export control system."

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