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SNS Bridges … Summit of North and South America gathered – ZDNet Korea



US President Donald Trump said that Kim Jong-un limits the meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Il on Twitter. The historic three-party meeting of the Panmunzhom was held through the SNA without prior consultation, including the National Summit.

It is also worth noting that the Korean travel agency, located in China this morning, announced the possibility of visiting North Korean DMZ tourists who will be closed on Twitter.

Trump and President Luna Jha-o made a visit to the demilitarized zone after the US-Japan summit, but a trilateral meeting between the United States and South Korea, a surprise at Panmunj, was marked by President Tweet's tweet.

After shaking hands with President Trump on the line of military demarcation, chairman Kim Jong-un said, "I learned later that evening that we would come to an official meeting yesterday whether it was a pre-arranged meeting," he said. I thought it was positive because it was a meeting with people.

Before the first day, Choi Sun-Hi, the first chairman of the North Korean Security Council's North Korean Foreign Office of North Korea, confirmed Twitter's Twitter message and immediately said: "I think this will be another important moment in the development of bilateral relations."

It was the first time in 66 years that President Trulman, Moon Jin, head Kim Jong Yong and a three-party meeting in Panmunjom, a symbol of division, This is the first time that the acting president has landed on the North.

After a meeting with SNS, she led the North American summit in Panmunzhom Southern Liberty House. It was about 50 minutes of private conversation over the level of a small meeting. After the bilateral talks, President Moon Jay-in and President Trump went to North Korea.

President Trump and President Moon Jay exchanged stories about the meeting through Twitter even after the tripartite meetings ended.

Trump said: "I'm very glad that Kim Jong-nong responded promptly, although it was a suddenly organized meeting."

President Moon Jae-in said: "Initially, he was scheduled for a joint visit to GP, but the bold Trump offer was a historic meeting," he said. "I would like to pay tribute to Mr Trump's very bold and original approach."

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