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UCB Pharmaceutical and Bear Seed Korean to cooperate to develop a comic book disease

Insight(Left) Picture courtesy of Korea UCB Pharmaceutical, (on the right) & Bear Seeds & # 39;

[인사이트] Hwang Sung-a, Korean correspondent UCB Pharmaceutical, has developed a character seed bear and a disease comic book, "Understanding Epilepticus," to support epilepsy.

On October 19, UCB Pharmaceutical Korea Seed Bear, a prospecting character, along with famous web-based writers, and an introductory comic book, "Understanding Epilepsy," developed to support epilepsy and improve awareness of disease. He said.

As part of efforts to improve the quality of life for patients with epilepsy, UCB Pharmaceutical Korea hosted a symposium to introduce overseas success cases to improve treatment and the social environment for medical staff during the first half of the year.

In the second half of the year, it will be used to reduce social prejudice by increasing familiarity with patients and ordinary people through comic character and spread comic books.

InsightPhoto courtesy of Korea UCB Pharmaceutical

The brain disorders are a disorder where neurons are extremely excited and can be treated with drugs.

The cause of brain injury, encephalitis, meningitis, and tumors and the brain are very varied. The frequency rate is reported to be 4 ~ 10 per 1,000 people.

The cause of seizures varies by age, but it is known that it occurs mainly in childhood and in old age. Although epilepsy is sometimes referred to as a disease that can be expected to be improved by treatment, some patients suffer from double distress due to prejudice and prejudice for past diseases.

Korea UCB Pharmaceutical has developed the character of hope that the Patient and Symptoms value symbols Know Your Erosion & # 39; to help people of their coverage, including patients and their families, look at you and talk to you more comfortable.

InsightPhoto courtesy of Korea UCB Pharmaceutical

Famous writers participating in the development have agreed to raise awareness of epidemic disease. Bose's range (Parc Su-mi) has been part of the development of the character of hope, and Kang Foo (Tae-young) in the comic book production.

Hope Character (Haden Bear) is designed to help people become more comfortable and familiar to take part in UCB Korea anti-epileptic activities.

The seeds expressed the patient's worth that focuses on the patient and the bright future of patients and hope.

I hope that the seed planted by the company and Hanwu will bring fruit to improve the lives of patients. The character has the name Seed Bear & # 39; Also to mean small seeds of hope that are small planting.

InsightPhoto courtesy of Korea UCB Pharmaceutical

Bear Seed is the main character of the disease awareness improvement activity at UCB Korea, and will be done as a supplementary duty and provided to day care facilities.

Epidemiology of epileptic disease, "Knowing the epilepsy," shows the illness, the main symptom and control of the patient's eye and the patient's family.

Comics will be made in booklets and will be provided to attendants, including patients and their families participating in epilepsy activities and programs.

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