Monday , September 20 2021

From the trade, the toy-constructor "Seek'o blocks"

"Seek'o blocks" children's toy-constructor was withdrawn from the trade. The Consumer Rights Protection Center (CRPC) has withdrawn the product of a particular producer and citizens are urged to return it immediately to the store where it was purchased.

The PTAC LNT reports that these toys were available in Latvia at "Mego" stores. The tests revealed that this constructor is hazardous to children's health and life. Therefore, consumers who purchased the particular item between November 1 and December 22 last year are encouraged to return it immediately.

"It has been revoked because small parts are detached. By separating small parts, there is a risk that children can put it in the mouth and choke. At the same time, by separating these details, the battery compartments become readily available, and the child may also accidentally swallow ", says Santa Claus representative of CRP.

Toys are one of the product groups that are regularly monitored by the CRPC. Last year, 17 cases were detected in expert assessments, when the toys available in stores could have caused choking or poisoning risks.

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