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Fruits create overweight or 5 unwanted truths about fruits – in Harmony – Egoiste


Eugene Jansone, a nutritionist, explains the most popular myths about fruits that can be remembered to create a balanced diet!

Myth 1. I have fruits to slip away!

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Fruits, of course, are healthier appetite for most other snacks, but there is no need to cherish the high expectations that a large amount of fruit will be cut into a diet. The main nutrient of the fetus is the fast processing carbohydrate contained in glucose, fructose and sucrose, but the fruit almost does not contain proteins and fats. At first glance it seems wonderful – delicious delicacy, a little calories, I eat them, I want, and live with consciousness – I'm healthy! Unfortunately, everything is not as simple as fruit is essentially a mixture of water, sugar and fiber.

So, the fruit is healthy and very necessary for the body, but if you eat fruit, you will not be able to get a long feeling of satiety, and if it is not used to produce energy, fruit sugar can quickly become excessive.

That's why the reality is pretty harsh – if you're not going to go to the gym after eating fruits, grandmothers in the hangover or friends on the bike, do not let the illusion that you eat fruits! Fruit diets will not help you lose weight – on the contrary, you will live in constant hunger and insanity about the fact that there are no hopes for the result. So eat fruits, take vitamins and minerals contained in them, but do it with a moderate amount so that these healthy treatments really give you energy, joy of life and enjoyment from summer, and not disappointment, that your holiday in a summer cottage is not returned. to the perfect figure, because you eat "only fruits"!

Myth 2. Dried fruits are healthy and they can be eaten as you want!

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Sweets – cakes, sweets, confectionery can really be replaced with dried fruits, but it is worth remembering that dried fruits are also good and they can not be eaten disproportionately, otherwise you take too much excess sugar (especially when you are drying fruits) add sugar in the process, as sometimes happens).

One of the recommended portions is one handful of dried fruits.

This is enough to restore hunger, restore energy, but keep in mind that this is not so much – so if you plan to have a pack of raisins at a time, a healthy lifestyle will not come. By the way – some manufacturers are already packing dried fruits and nuts in one portion – if you are accustomed to eat more than once, then these packages can be a good way to remind yourself how much fruit really is missing and not eating more than originally planned!

Myth 3. Fruits are the perfect snack for the evening!

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If you learn to stick to moderation, the fruit is not really a good snack in the evening, and before a dream, one banana is definitely better than persuading fried butter baked with potatoes, but always remember – an important portion size! For example, it's very easy to eat half a kilo or more cherries, which is currently one of the most popular seasonal fruits, but only a few remind you that the ideal portion will be 200 grams of berries!

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