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“I was attracted to everything – appearance, language, wit, humor.” Ilona’s love show as a partner of the Janis show

In the show “Next Stop: Love” Ilona from Talsi, who has been calling herself a free woman for six years and raising two children – a son and a daughter – tried to return to the life of dating. Ilona reveals that she was almost like that all her life and used to live like that. A woman realizes what she wants from life, from relationships, as well as what a man must be to be worthy to be with her.

In a conversation with the portal, Ilona reveals that her twin sister encouraged her to apply for the show. She hesitated for a few days and then just signed up.

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“I don’t think for a minute that I live in a small town and participating in a show will create new rumors. I’ve never been interested in other people’s thoughts. I know who I am, my friends, family and children know – that’s enough.” – says Ilona.

The woman does not hide that she applied, because she wanted the show’s experts to find a suitable partner. So far, she herself has been drawn into irresponsible laziness.

Participating in the show is described by a mother of two as a colossal adventure in which she received positive emotions that she never received, and all this will be remembered for a lifetime. The woman adds that she knows that Janis does not regret her participation, and the show’s experts were in the top ten, putting them together.

“I said YES to YES because I was attracted to everything – appearance, language, wit, humor, and so I could go on. I wanted to know what will happen when the cameras turn off, he will change? I will not be disappointed, Ianis is still exactly the same, how we communicate, ”says Ilona.

The participants of the show keep in touch, call, make lists and together watch the first part of their adventure – Ilona visited Janis.

To the question, do the participants of the show slowly approach the stop – love? Ilona answers no, but they are still in touch!

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“The kids weren’t angry that I was kissing Janis. My sister and my daughter were watching the show and counting how many times we would get together. Because Janis is very fond of the family, he could kiss even more,” Ilona laughs.

The mother of two children calls herself a free woman – she has not met anyone yet and does not even intend to look for it intensively. She is in the phase of restarting her life, and the planner does not have free time to run on a date. The woman decided to focus on realizing her dreams and ideas.

“I’ve been alone all my life and I’m used to living like that. It’s been six years since my last relationship with my daughter’s father, and I still have a wonderful son. I have something to live for,” says Ilona.

The participant describes the last relationship as very difficult and destructive. After the divorce, she was only on four dates and always went with the idea of ​​getting positive emotions.

Ilona has found all four dating partners in dating applications, but she no longer uses this type of dating because the men there are admirable – nothing but a virtual smile or flowers can be sent.


Often a gentleman comes to the street or to a cafe, when she has lunch, friends also tried to collect them. Ilona realizes that she can’t complain about the attention of the opposite sex, she has always been interesting to men.

“So far, my son has only met my daughter’s father, because we lived together. And our life together began very quickly. It was my biggest life mistake I’ve ever made. I won’t let any man with children in until I’m 100 %, that this is the man I want to be with. You can also not expect to live together before after a two-year dating period, “- says Ilona.

She is not afraid that someone will break her heart again and harm her, she does not want the children to be hurt, she will not allow it.

When a relationship breaks down, the participant of the show does not cling to the pillow, only young girls who are just starting to build something and divorce can afford it. At her age, you can only afford to cry one evening.


The participant of the show understands that crying is very important, but she realizes that the end of a relationship is not the end of the world. Ilona has learned to see the positive things that will be gained from everything in difficult or sad moments.

“In my opinion, to love means to accept another person as she is. If someone wants to transform you or vice versa, it means that you are not right for each other. To pull something out or forbid another to become the person you want to be around. with oneself, it is pure selfishness. It is the destruction of another person, “says Ilona.

A woman often asks herself if she really loved someone, and realizes that she probably isn’t. She also did not want to limit her husband, but believes that she wanted to put her in the “frame” without changing herself, which has repeatedly put a fat end to her relationship.

According to Ilona, ​​true love existed only all life – in ancient times. Today, people no longer know what they want, what they are looking for.

“Where someone turns their head, there is fraud, lies, violence.” If you talk to such couples, you can find out that they live together, because it is profitable. Who has a free maid and sex, who do not have to work again and pay the bills, “- says Ilona about the lack of love in modern society.

Ilona finds that she likes calm men who can also be attractive and social. She can’t forget about sincerity and politeness, a good sense of humor, because she likes to joke.

A mother of two will never accept a man who speaks rudely, aggressively, and abuses alcohol.

Ilona is resting with “pearls”, making jewelry, also resumed reading books, plans to return to the ensemble, because she likes to sing. A woman loves to get in the car and drive – where her eyes are visible, her descendants like it too.

“I don’t think any man would want to pearl.” I would let him focus on his hobbies. If I have the excitement to leave spontaneously, I would like him to honor me and the children with his presence in the adventure, – says Ilona with a smile.

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