Tuesday , June 15 2021

Owl: Medicare's salary increase is not only seen in the context of the new budget – Society and Politics – News

The politician explained that, by failing to adopt a budget next year promptly, funding for individual programs would amount to 1/12 part of the medium term budget per month.

The financing of part 1/12 of the medium-term budget to provide funding for a number of areas is a fundamental solution, and a decision by the Saeima does not require adoption. A government budget has now been adopted, which has now set the mandate, but continues to work until a new government is being created, the AP spokesman added.

The owl acknowledged that there were a number of unforeseen problems in the context of the interim budget, but that must be achieved. On these issues, the law may need reform, which, in the opinion of Owls, will be for objective reasons, the new Saeima will, until the agreement on the constitution of the government has arrive, is a complicated process.

Owl said there were some issues that could be "relatively simple" to negotiate. Such a question could be the recognition of the President of the Republic, which is determined by the law on the budget. This situation can be solved by separate law, especially for the year in question. Owl believes that the president's recognition should not be a problem that could be difficult to negotiate.

In turn, the difficulties of Saeima could agree, in the opinion of the AP leader, for example, raising the issue of urban income securities, as they will not continue if there is no new budget.

"These are relatively large amounts, but if there is consensus among the elected prisoners, I do not know," said Owl.

Likewise, according to him, all those promised but without doing work, including money for the execution of a Constitutional Court's decision on the recognition of judges and prosecutors, could be difficult to cope with. Changes to the law could also be adopted on this issue. The Owl believes that Saeima can reach an agreement on these issues and will do so, but there will not be enough money in the budget.

For the question of a 20% increase in salary paid to medical staff at the beginning of the year, Poace stated that this issue was only seen in the context of the new budget.

As it was said, the time the delay in creating a new Cabinet will be longer, the likelihood of 2019 will start with the government budget temporarily, when the money for a number of Areas are calculated based on the average funding this month in a month.

To date, the retired government has approved a draft budget plan prepared by the Ministry of Finance (FM) for 2019, where the state budget revenue in 2019 has planned on 9.178 billion, which is 217 million more than in 2018, while state budget spending has planned to reach 9,205 billion euros, 96 million more than in 2018.

However, the new government and the Saeima must make the final decision on the 2019 budget.

Following the FM indicative schedule, all next year's budget decisions must be taken by 20 November, but on December 11, a package of draft budget proposals should be submitted to Saeima. Indeed, it is not known at the moment when a new Cabinet could be created and approved, which will be responsible for the 2019 budget increase in Saeima. Therefore, it is not clear at the moment when the budget for 2019 is adopted.

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