Thursday , April 15 2021

The Chamber of Music of Music Chamber begins in Latvia with the greetings of the EU Baroque Orchestra / Article / LSM.LV

The 18 International Chamber of Music Chamber is sponsored by Baroque music this weekend. On Tuesday, November 13, the European Union Baroque Orchestra will be performing for the first time in the opening concert at the Urdd Fach. The main attractions of the festival are the French Baroque and the music of the nations that celebrate the centenary of this century.

The European Union Baroque Orchestra is home to Antwerp where young musicians gather to master the special music skills needed for this genre led by the world's leading baroque music masters. Their speeches are very expected.

This is a very special youth orchestra. They are similar to a school where they learn and enjoy the beauty of baroque music. It includes young people from France, Poland, Spain, Romania, Italy and other European countries.

"I'm French, so I was asked to create a French Baroque music program. We played music of the 17th century author Anri Kamprā." It came from Exprovence, like me, "revealed a violin, a leader of France, Amandine Bejierre.

"Baroque is similar to pop music, of ancient antiques – rhythmic, simple and direct. It was played not only by elite musicians, but also by street musicians," he added.

What do young people mean when playing baroque music?

"The most interesting thing is to play Baroque music not as a" museum value "but with a contemporary style. People tend to think that the Baroque is a stranger and far, but in fact there is a popular and inclusive music," he said musician of the Baróc Orchestra, flautiste or Eleonora Croatia.

"First of all, it attracts the beauty of music, aesthetics and nice melodies. If you are very familiar with instrumental techniques and gestures that time, then you can enjoy the audience," said an orchestra baroque, anstastist from Lithuania and Israel, Nataniel.

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