Monday , June 14 2021

The talented Laksa has been injured in a serious injury – at the end of the season

Bully Laksa Bulls NCAA -

Kittia Laksa's talented Latvia basketball player in a severe knee injury and without basketball will have to spend at least five months, the basketball player's South Carolina NCAA representative said.

22-year-old Laksa was injured in a game against Bethune Cookman, where the main point of the unit was almost 40 points Laksa sailima to basketball barquet. The basketball player was kicked out of court, but later confirmed that the player had broken the front and menica cross-belt at the head.

Laksa managed to complete three full games in the new season, with an average of 16.3 points in 31.3 minutes, 4.3 recovered, and three forms, while the South Florida team won three games in the same battles.

For the first time in the Latvian season, John Vudeen was nominated for the best seasonal basketball player.. Laksa's Best Nomination & James Neismith Year renamed and Anne Mayers-Best Protection Defense Wharf.

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