Tuesday , June 15 2021

The woman found a secret door under the carpet at home, leading to a terrible basement

She broadcast live from the stage in her TikTok account. The woman and her friends were planning to clean the house late in the evening, so the visit to the basement had to be postponed. As soon as the friends heard a strange dune from the bottom of the floor, they hurried home, leaving the hostess with the child alone.

During the cleaning works, a secret door leading to the basement was found. (Photo: screenshot)

At night, all the lights in the whole house suddenly turned on, although it had never happened before. In the morning, the new mother decided to go down to the basement to investigate.

The woman noticed blood-like stains and various objects in the basement. (Photo: screenshot)

She was worried, and she was frightened by everything she saw. At first, the light in the basement did not light up, but the lamp turned on after a short time, which further irritated the situation. There were cobwebs and various strange objects around. However, the biggest questions arose after she noticed blood-like stains and holes in the wall leading to other rooms. The source of the down was also solved – it came from the electrical distribution cabinet, which she had been looking for for a long time.

Stairs to the basement. (Photo: screenshot)

“It was hidden for a reason. Cover it up, ma’am,” he recommends bbxaly.

“Now 2021 is not the time to open suspicious basements,” he said 611.

“No, that’s how all horror movies start. I would run away,” he suggests madmorph.

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