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A study shows great benefits to wake up before 6 for DW World's Diversity

"This is what the poet Libanus Khalil Gibran wrote decades ago, referring to the benefits of waking up early and taking advantage of the time to do the necessary daily work." There is a saying in Germany, "Whoever wants to catch the fox has to wake up with the chickens." Many popular examples confirm the importance of waking up early, especially when it comes to health. A recent study found that people who wake up before 6 am were healthy and happier than those who did not get up before 6am.

The study, published in the magazine "Psychiatry Research," is those people who are sleeping early and wake up six in the morning or before they are at risk of depression of 25 %.

British doctor's newspaper Daily Daily Bailey Bush quoted as part of the study, saying that he supports the study's findings. "Rising early in the morning is easier than it appears." You can reset your body's physical clock to get used to the new system. Your body will love it, because it will return to a more primitive and more similar rhythm to life than it was before the light bulb was invented "he said.

"Raising early can help you to achieve basic tasks without hesitation," he said. "But to get the most up-to-date benefit, take a special time to take part in activities that bring you in-house peace, and you often do not have a fast and fast life."

"People who wake up late often live alone and smoke hard, and their relative relationship with a partner is less," said Bailey Bush.

In the same context, the Australian newspaper "The Sun" of Britain, whose Australian psychiatrist Marni Lichman is taking part in this study, believes that early waking up changes the mood throughout day. He added that sleeping late was causing fatigue and could lead to depression and anxiety.

The same spokesman recommends you wake up at least 30 minutes before normal waking time, for example, going to work or doing daily tasks, doing something fun like exercise, meditation or sitting quietly and enjoy a cup of tea outdoors,.

A previous study, conducted in conjunction with the University of Venerg's Medicine in California and the University of British Surrey, found that people who like to sleep during the night and have difficulty getting up early suffering from illnesses are permanent and leaving early as a result, The "Arts Platt" German website.

A study carried out years ago by German scientists at Heidelberg University concluded that early starters enjoyed professional success. He added that those who had earlier wakened more ability to achieve and a sense of responsibility, according to the website "SPIEGEL Online".

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