Tuesday , April 20 2021

Are you better tea or coffee? A scientific study reveals the secret of your answer


In terms of "mood" drinks, people are distributing both types, tea lovers and coffee booths. How is human choice for one of these popular drinks?

In this regard, a recent study found that the taste genes found among people were responsible for the choice of coffee or tea drinks.

Researchers from Northwestern University, Illinois, said the genetic assumption to acknowledge the bitterity of certain substances led us to choose a drink, which applies to tea and coffee.

"The study adds important information to an understanding of the incentives for a particular drink selection, especially flavor, and why the person insists on choosing the drink itself after changing the ingredients in its preparation, without compromising the flavor factor, "quoted the British Guardian's website by Dr Marilyn Cornelis.

People with a greater genetic hypothesis to the perception of caffeine lover tend to choose and drink a large amount of coffee, while the reduced sense of bitumen alkaline alkitine has been associated with a reduction in appetite for coffee, after the study, published in the Scientific Reports.

Even a modest increase in the daily cup of coffee contributes to transforming the "plain drinking" drink to "strong tasting", which takes almost four cups a day.

In terms of tea, the study found that those who drink blast coffee often tend to be "clean drinkers", because of the difference in the most potassium and concentration drinks. More intense in coffee.

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