Friday , April 16 2021

Between "Hezbollah" and "the future" prove the continuation of the restriction

A new debate between Hezbollah and the Future Movement has reversed the reality of the continuing barrier in the crisis of government formation, with the exception of any close resolution in the crisis. "In Lebanon, people are waiting, when Lebanon's government forms us, like Hezbollah, we have provided all the facilities to form the government of Lebanon, and from today," said the Deputy Secretary General Hezbollah, Sheikh Naim Qassem. First of all, we mentioned our requirements and was not complicated. The prime minister accepted these special requirements when representing Plaid with three ministers. Then there was debate in the country for quotes, and the prime minister worked every day for five months to meet the parties who want more support and earnings. His soul is long to overcome the obstacles between the different ones. For the day of the decision, but the First Minister-designated, because of the problem and the answer with him, is he who can decide to fit the rule that he offered to represent each team according to his success in the parliamentary elections, representing the Sunni independentists at the consultative meeting with one minister and resolving the problem, we have no more to offer Therefore, if we are to complete a government contract to be a government of unity national, the First Minister-designated Saad Hariri can resolve the matter, if it is resolved after a day to make a government and if it is decided after a week that the government will be formed, this means that it has full responsibility in this country "he said.

Later, Secretary General of the Future, Ahmed Hariri, responded to Qasem's comments, where he pleaded for the Prime Minister Hariri for delaying the formation of government. He said in a statement: "Following President's press conference, Saad Hariri, Libanus stood on the facts and contacts that took place in the government, and the last speech came from the Deputy Secretary General" Hezbollah "to repeat statements contrary to reality and reality, as it became known to everyone, after 6 months From the efforts of Prime Minister Hariri, the government has been ready for two weeks and there are only names of three ministers of the Three "Hezbollah", the names of three ministers today form today, and after a week is formed after a week, and he has a full responsibility to stay. He ended by saying: "The problem with" Hezbollah ", and the answer when the president-designation is in accordance with the powers and constitutional rules.

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