Friday , July 30 2021

«Green» newspaper today will be exploding in the World Cup of Poland

After more than 26 years, the young green returned to renew its relationship with Asian photium and restore Saudi prestige on the Asian continent. It ensures that everyone who is green is absent and ill but never dies. The team returned to the Asian podium after cutting the stubbornness of Australia. Asian-Korean field towards Asian title, Saudi Green Day has become stronger in the continent of Asia and will not be easy during the next Polish World Forum.

(Al Maidan), assistant trainer of the young captain of the captain, Captain Ahmed Al Malki, who talked about this renewed success, and the fact of the merry (magic) that led this group to stand on the Asian pyramid, as well as the ambition of the green next in the Polish World Cup and much in this exciting meeting.

Dialogue – Majid al-Maliki

We congratulate you on the continental achievement of the Asian Cup crowning for the third time. How do you read details of this great success?

God, of course, undoubtedly blesses to fulfill the joy of the whole nation, and this crowning comes for the third time and after a long absence for more than 26 years, he certainly feels, unacceptable, we are all happy because the end is beautiful and blessed and grateful to achieve the title.

Can we know the secret mix – so to speak – have you worked with this group and have enabled you to drop the podium?

First of all, reconciling the Lord of the World for us, but I do not hide, when we started to prepare this team, our first goal was to find the most efficient player regardless of the name of his club, and so we were able to find a suitable and beautiful combination and thank God, and then create and program camps and collections Every praise is for God.

You know that the young green has lost an Asian Youth Cup for over 26 years. In your opinion, why is this long absence?

The quality of the exercises, as well as the interest of the Sunni groups, was as ambitious as they were, so the result was a long absence, as I have seen. Unlike other Asian federations who were working and developing until they achieved their achievements Throughout this time, clubs are the player's portal for the team without a doubt, but they did not provide the player well and reflected on the team.

When did you feel as an assistant instructor that the Asian title was in the hands of Saudi Arabia?

Let me tell you something important before the tournament, that we have studied the statistics of the 2014 and 2016 champions and working with them in the group and we have seen through this study that we can reach the final rounds, and what happened to me we, but by referring to your question facing Australia, is the real turning point for the team And our victory has taken a great deal from us, and beyond we realized that green is the Asian country champion, and here's what was achieved, thank you.

How did you get rid of the pressure and barriers to the youths of the Green so that they could win the big continental title?

The press is being passed by anyone and not just the player, but we with this group have successfully turned these negative pressures positively, so we benefited from friendly meetings to experiment with strong European teams to get rid of the player as part of a strong confrontation fear, and also work on technical lectures And focusing on the player's mental condition because it is an important factor right in processing within the field, and thank God to go to every player for this tournament in a spirit of high spirits.

How can we save these names and stars and talents, to be the nucleus of the first team in the future?

I do not deny that we find great support from the head of the Sports Authority, Mr. Turkey Al-Sheikh, as well as the Saudi Football Federation, and we bet that this generation will be one of the first team building blocks of Saudi in the future and ensure that there will be a program for this team Talk to us, Chancellor, to show honorably in future fora.

You as an assistant trainer for those who achieve this achievement that have been achieved after a long absence, and who has credit after God is your great support to achieve that title?

For example, you have technical, medical, media and administrative equipment, as well as the Sports Authority and Saudi Federation. They all have a specific role, and this is the consent and compatibility of what contributes to the delivery of this continental shelf. Great.

The World Youth Cup will be held in May next year in Poland, six months later. When will the real preparations for this World Rally start? Do you have a clear action plan before the World Cup?

Certainly, the real world Cup preparation for young people just after the face of Australia began, and since publishing the qualification for a moderate young green to Poland 2019 m, but the preparation program will definitely be different from programs previous; because the next step requires a high standard of specific friendly games, and now we will start periodic monitoring We will follow the players who will play the first team with their clubs and during this stage of two months and then start the inner camp in two stages and then move more than two months of the tournament to the camp outside until the start of the tournament, God already .

The most important question about the global event. When is it possible that the youth team breaks the fourteenth barrier and the top roles of the tournament?

We have high ambitions and when we met the consultant after we came back to Asian gold, the highlight of our ambition increased. Responsibility has become more and more. I hope you will keep my words about this after the next version and see what I'm saying on the ground. Reality, God ready.

What is the thing that young people have not achieved to win the World Youth Cup, as it happened to the youth team in 89?

We have nothing, thanks to God, the possibilities are available and the great support of the body and the Saudi Federation exists, as well as the talents available, Tawfiq Lord of the World is what we lacked, God already, fulfilled that dream as the youth team was achieved in 89, it's impossible in football.

Asian Asian Cup for adults at the door. This title is also absent from Saudi football coffee since the year 96 AD, over 22 years ago, do you count on this generation to restore that great Asian glory?

It is not impossible at all, and as we achieve the title three times and we've reached the last three times in a previous period, we can, ready to restore that title to soccer soccer cabinets , the Saudi team team was strong and teams counted him a thousand counties, and when this team was in his day, The continental title again.

Question about the national team first. Today and more than 10 years … The team still loses the attacker's scorer. How to comment on that?

Soccer has changed and is no longer the same thing. We really do not have an attacker but the coach can find other solutions either through the players of the parties or the center. As a young player, for example, we played against Japan and Korea without a leading attacker. We are not Saudi team players, and even though we are champions, the assault is definitely the advantage of any team or team.

Let's talk about your career. When did you start playing football?

I started playing football in the City of Taif through Al-Hawari clubs and managed to represent Taif teams before moving to the East Region to work as a Arabic language teacher. I could play Al-Thaqbah Club and because of the Crusades I have given the best to play football completely.

How did you manage to share the doors and training and your support in this area?

I do not know that Khalid al-Sayah, head of the Al-Thaqbah club after being injured in Rabat, has asked me during the qualifying period to work as a coach assistant to take advantage of the qualifying period. He did what he saw, and then I trained Al-Toqbah before moving to Qadisiya.

The last word … What do you say?

I thank Al-Youm's newspaper for his support and support, and it's enough to honor us after returning to Asian gold. The fact is that we are proud to support the newspaper. This gives us a great incentive. God already, we promise you to appear different in the coming period.

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