Friday , June 18 2021

How did Al Guberi Municipality respond to the statement of the Governor of Beirut?

Al-Gubairi Municipality gave the following statement: "Following the disaster and scandal caused by the closure of the sewerage system, which affected our beloved city of Beirut, we expected officials, led by the Governor of Beirut Ziat Shabib, took responsibility for courage, which flows the country's capital with corruption and neglect.

It is surprising that the governor, without knowledge, and perhaps with information, favors to ignore the closure and aggression of the public property. The legal borough accused the neglect of the councils and the breach of marine property, ignoring that the damage would affect the large areas of Al-Gubieri town.

Therefore, we consider that the cross in the name of the Municipal Retirement is irresponsible, as if the Shabib Judge was bad to be flawed and the treatment of one house, and he decided without the right that we are rejecting and we promise to follow judicial.

In order to show the facts before the public opinion,

Firstly, Beirut City closed the sewer lanes leading to the sea, serving special tourist projects – some of which were based on public property by fighting – and diverting sewerage into the Borough borough. About my back, Sultan Ibrahim's wing became vacant due to this suspicious closure. Especially that it came before the pumping stations, and this was firmly rejected by the Municipal al-Gubieri.

Second: A meeting was held in the presence of the Governor of Beirut and the representatives of the Municipality Al-District and the Federation of Borough Boroughs, and a period of 15 days was processed. But the surprise was that the Beirut Citizen, rather than protecting the interests of the people of Beirut, by reopening the old sea lanes, and at the expense of the governor, at the expense of the governor, had implemented a new maritime route to serve as a temporary reply to; The commercial projects against the maritime property. In a hurry, he did not achieve the desired purpose, and the damage was known.

Third: The governor's happiness rather than acknowledging the error in the assessment, the operation and backgrounds, has thrown allegations to others, and wears on the popular beach, and his neglect in the deal knows good. He has nothing to do with a Buying borough. As a result, the allegation of the governor of the Al-Gubieri borough of attacking public property is a joke at the wrong time.

Fourth: In the case of the PS2 pump mentioned by the governor, accusing a Guru Municipal disrupting its operation, he forgot that the station was being tested and unsuitable. And Civic Retrieval, on the date of 2018-8-4, had directed correspondence registered in the Council for Development and Reconstruction, and the Beirut Water and Mount Lebanon Water Authority, asking them not to pump the sewage, to stop the Expected flooding because the infrastructure is not eligible, to absorb a large amount of sewage and flooding.

It is only the Council for Development and Design, the sewerage network from the Al-Rehab area, to the station in the Sultan Ibrahim area, as well as the higher comments. It is unreasonable to transfer a sewerage system in the Al-Gubieri borough, which refused to access it, and to remain in the sewer, which it receives from the Beirut City.

Finally, we emphasize the good relationship with Beirut City and the people of Beirut. We also state that we are willing to cooperate with everyone to tackle the development problems of our people, away from special interests and unjust accusations. "

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