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Italian Italian flavor for a week in Beirut – Rola Moawad

Italian Ambassadors to Lebanon Massimo Marotti attacked the Italian Italian Lunch Week at the Italian Italian restaurant in Downtown Beirut, the first secretary of cultural and commercial issues, Emmanuel Dandracci, director of the Italian Cultural Institute, Monica Zica, Italian trade agency director, Francesca Zadro , Madonna is wise.

Ambassador Maruti welcomed his guests to the launch of the Italian International Kitchen Week for the third year running, considering the promotion of Italian foods, traditions and products as a core concern for the Embassy, ​​the Cultural Center and the Italian Trade Agency.

"This week, 14 Italian Italian and 4 wine salts in Beirut and abroad will be taking part in the event, offering special food menus and guest wine discounts, and various focused activities on wines and Italian products. Some will focus on the concept of lunchtime attacks, Italian Social Distinction. "

He said this week was very important for promoting Italian food and wine all over the world. He talked about the Italian Trade Agency, the event organizer, and the operator in Lebanon through a series of activities, especially special courses for chefs specializing in collaboration with the International School of International Trade in Italy and the University of St Joseph. Paolo Amadori trained 12 Lebanese chefs to make good use of Italian ingredients, to respect Italian food traditions, wine workshops with around 100 wine and liquor producers, importers of Italian products and distributors in Lebanese markets, E specialists, customers and specialist Italian paolo media. PAYRAC on how to taste Italian wine. He said the next year's Agency will double its activities to add workshops on cold foods and their way, and it will also facilitate the participation of Libanus in the great Italian exhibitions for further cooperation.

The Italian ambassador said the Italian food is typical of the Italian culture and tradition and one of the best and most popular ambassadors in the world about what is done in Italy.

He emphasized the importance of promoting the Mediterranean Mediterranean diet, focusing on tradition and device. It's important not only for its components, but for its methods of use, identity and service, which comes from traditional food and the use of local products. This encourages the growth of used products and the sustainable environment and dealing with local farmers. This keeps the balance between the land and the people. In Italy. He was pleased to register the Mediterranean diet in 2010 on the UNESCO Intelligent Heritage List. And want to share their world's lifestyle and vision, considering that Italian restaurants around the world are known for their quality, especially in Libanus. He mentioned the history of wine production in Italy and the quality and variety of food and wine.

The event is organized by the Italian Trade Agency and the Italian Cultural Foundation under the auspices of the Italian Embassy. It aims to promote Italian food traditions and taste food and wine as elements of Italian identity and culture.

The promotion and protection of Italian food made in Italy is two main objectives for this event as well as an appreciation of the knowledge of Italy as tradition and creativity while highlighting the values ​​of the Mediterranean diet.

International Italian Lunch Week continues on Saturday 24 November 2018 with theme: Quality, Culture, Identity, Land and Biodiversity.

Wine shops and bars will promote the concept of Aperitivo Italiano as a pre-lunchtime meeting – a traditional Italian social second – and offer special discounts on Italian wines.

The "Italian Exceptional Taste" and the hashtag # ItalianTaste2018 are used through social media.

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