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Lina Abyad Libanus mixes classical literature with an experimental theater in "Adar Medi"

O Rana Najjar

BEIRUT (Reuters) – Lebanese director Lina Abyad breaks a drama of the "Birds of September" between the village and the city, between the old generation and young people, between classical literature and theater experimental.


The drama, based on a novel by Libanus writer Emily Nasrallah, published in 1962, was opened on Thursday at the University of Lebanon camp in Beirut and plays the roles of theater students at the university.

The novel "Adar Medi" belongs to classical literature and its heroes are villagers from the remote town of Kefir in southern Libanus. It deals with immigration issues, stories of love, conflicts, sex discrimination and the difficult dreams of young people. And it was difficult to prepare and enjoyable in the language of young people today and simple sights lighten the severity of the stories that still face Lebanon and different faces.

What was on the white but the choice of experimental theater to penetrate the balance of the novel. The first key to modernizing the text was the Lebanese dialect sometimes overlapping with English and by choosing exercises as a basic event during and a theatrical orbit.

The whole show takes place in an exercise session where students are trained to form Emily Nasrallah's dialogues and transform them into a flexible theatrical subject and to train on the performance of the famous novel characters in the Lebanese society: Mursal, Najla, Hanah, Maryam to Mona.

Initially, the director stands right and publishes the start of the drama and directs the actors who stand on stage in simple sportswear and They are very comfortable to take their places and arrange the decoration. The events will then begin to show the audience later that the show has started.

The stories of women who are stopped to love and speak loud and stories of men who can not realize their dreams of narrow thinking in the village whose people rely on agriculture, especially olive trees appear .

The actors, although they were young, performed their roles great despite some slopes. They discussed the stage on how to achieve these roles and explore the realities and incredible stories written by Nasrallah in the novel, such as rape, early marriage and greatness.

They also discussed the intensity of the scenes they performed and how to handle on stage, most notably the Naji farewell scene, who decided to emigrate to the US leaving his girlfriend and & # 39 ; for a family suffering from pain separation.

But the instrument that covered all was the story of women, the male society, and stories of ambitious men looking for a better and more prominent life in simple decoration.

White chose to hold a contemporary singer with one of the actors and join collaborators when he comes to reveal secrets that nobody should know, such as friends or secrets of Mary for her mythical love or bitter story Lily's marriage without an older man's police.

The loudspeaker was the voice of Emily Nasrallah or the voice of the presenter who revealed the secrets of these characters and at the same time the sound should be left behind the walls and should not be known by the parents and & 39; r neighbors and people of the estate that do not keep confidential. I love the love and kill only women because they just love.

Lina White tried to turn time into the embodiment of the sensory and poetic scene in the novel through simple decoration: wooden chair, oil covers and white towels, as well as blue sky at the back of the theater that had stained with blood when Death was killed.

"I've read all the work of Emily Nasrallah, but I chose the" Birds of September "play because it represents me a Nasrallah literature starting point and a true and human story and a life closed with & # 39; The book "The Place" released after his death,.

"I'll run away from the classics by choosing the experimental theater and rotation events during the exercises, where everything can facilitate classic text on the viewer," he said.

"It usually does not believe when using the classic language on the board and it's better with the rolling language that can easily reach the viewer."

"I wanted to close the text of the novel of our day and our life, which still suffers from the love stories of banning between religions and early marriages and immigration forced and increased. I wanted to close these subjects from young viewers and veterans, impossible to present all the messages in the play,.

Young director Dareen Shamseddin after watching and playing at Reuters said "a magical presentation of Emily Nasrallah's sentences and rising to be a novel excellence. I came into play thinking how to turn & The novel of folk and classical literature to play with a director of the classical and classic Drama where there are many feelings and honesty, lightness and intelligence that I have not seen as a long time in a theatrical performance.

"The work is great and leads us to a harsh world that our ancestors live in the villages, but it has illuminated the feminist and social issues that exist in our society to the present day," says actor Rola Hamadeh at Reuters.


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