Monday , June 14 2021

Moussawi met a delegation from the southern town of Sama &, and asked to establish an independent borough

Member of a block "loyalty to the opposition" MP Nawaf al-Moussawi at his office in the city of Tyrus, a delegation of the people of the southern town of Sama, demanding the establishment of a town in the town of Sama and independent of town Qun Ras al-Ain says, emphasizing "Because of its importance and its great potential."

In turn, MP Moussawi expressed his "absolute support and legitimate and legitimate demand, especially as experience has learned to us that local development is achieved through the local authority."

Al-Moussawi also received a delegation of different villages in the Tyrus area, where he discussed several development, environmental, and other subjects. He also received the author Brenda Heard, who introduced MP Moussawi's new book: "The Outsider's Inside View".

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