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* Introduction to Lebanon Television News
In the middle of a controversy between Wald Jumblatt leader and Minister Gebran Bassilom, a fire broke out in Cabrushmun, in which two of his fellow members, Salah al-Gariba, were killed and another wounded, while the fourth member of the "socialist" party was injured. Residents objected to Bussil's convoy in Kafmrta and Kabrishmouna, took part in the army and completed forms in the presence of Minister Akram Shukhayb, who asked people to calm down, calling Sheikh Akl Drusz Almohadis to calm down, warning of theft.
"The best way to respond to the vanity challenge is to ignore it," Djumblatt said via Twitter.
Prime Minister Said Hariri has held a number of contacts, including the Foreign Minister Gebrun Basil, the Progressive Socialist Party, the Democratic Party, the Director General of the Internal Security Force, General Emad Othman, and the Director of Military Intelligence, focusing on the need to surround the forms on the mountain. Maximum effort to calm down the situation and restore things to normal.
* Introduction to the NBN TV Newsletter
Outside the context, full hearts exploded, and events in the mountains made the first news in the internal agenda.
This story began with a confrontation between the people of Kfar Kemet and the supporters of a progressive socialist party in the city during a visit scheduled by the head of the free patriotic movement, Minister Gébert Bassel, and was forced to cancel it.
It was not over, and his indignation spread to Kibrim on the background of contradictory stories. The first report by the Lebanese Democratic Party indicates that the escort secretary, Saleh al-Gariba, was shot dead by militants, he was among the convoy, three of his injured were wounded, one of whom later died of wounds.

The second version of the "socialist" accused the convoy of a stranger by assault that young people attempted to take off tires burned in desolation, where escort elements were firing.

Efforts to overcome this problem began with a series of contacts held by President Said Hariri, including Basil, a Socialist, Democrat, Director of Homeland Security and Military Intelligence, in an attempt to exert maximum efforts to calm the situation and bring the situation back to normal. .
According to MP Talal Arslan, a planned lunch in Chaldea in honor of Basil, Minister Akram Shahib noted that the deceased is one of our children for any class I belong to, and therefore visits do not serve the security of the country and " Bakir's and presidential elections ".

At the height of the campaign on economic and financial situation in Lebanon, international rating agencies Qatar announced the acquisition of Lebanese government bonds in line with a $ 500 million investment plan for the Lebanese economy. Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil said that the Qatari language is serious and shows confidence in Lebanese bonds will have a positive impact on the markets.

Meanwhile, the fortieth week is a Budget Week with perfection, it was originally expected to complete the lesson of its project at the Committee on Money, which hoped that its president, Zaf al-Bushri, will make his budget on Monday to the General Assembly.
The next day, the cabinet meeting in Saray, no appointments are expected in connection with the ongoing rapprochement, especially between the Lebanese forces and the Free Patriotic Movement.
* Introduction to the TV journal of the future
After the visit of the Foreign Minister of Yurgan Basil to the Aliyah area, security issues in the Kaframat and Kabershmoun districts, which ended with the conveyance of the State Minister for the relocation of Saleh al-Gariba, were shot dead during protests against the visit of Minister Bassil, killing two of his comrades.
Prime Minister Saad Hariri has held a series of contacts, including Foreign Minister Gheeren Bassil and officials from the Progressive Socialist Party, the Democratic Party, the Director General of the Internal Security Force, General Emad Othman and the Director of Military Intelligence, Gore, and make every effort. to calm the situation and restore things to normal.
Sheikh is the mind of the monotheists' friends of Sheikh Naim Hassan, and in the light of what happened, the members of the community called for rest and did not allow the achievement of the goal of sedition and stalkers, a warning about sedition and a trip to the unknown.
Events in the mountain region today have shaded the light of financial and economic affairs.
* Introduction to the Al-Manar TV Newsletter
Under the conditions of Kim Jong-un Donald Trump made several steps in the northern part of the Korean Peninsula. The meeting was approved at the request of the US president via Twitter. The third impetus after the meeting in Hanoi and Singapore, as well as the camera review in a step that the president called historic, and he virtually guided her by the century's step in his habits of collecting pompous headlines, similar to the known deal in the Middle East.
Nevertheless, an event in the demilitarized zone, Trump did not even propose a step forward in the removal of Pyongyang's nuclear weapons, and he did not smell his notable failure at the Bahrain Conference, which he had been promoting for months and years, and not in the division of Palestinian unity, which manifested itself in its finest form. Adaptation of the Islamic Republic of Iran to military-economic wars for more than forty years.
For the Republic of Lebanon, God protected her from the evil that arises during the siege and hated fire lines. Minister Saleh al-Harib mourns one of his comrades who fired at his tuple in the area of ​​the Tomb of Shammon, who was also wounded by two of his comrades. The unfortunate incident occurred after the tension and cut off roads in the mountain, coinciding with the visit of Minister Gebrun Basil to the region, which was supposed to conclude a Chalde lunch organized by Talal Arslan in honor of the head of the free patriotic movement and the members of the "Strong Lebanon" bloc.
If the stories are different, the result will concern red lines, in a sensitive area and more sensitive time in a country that can not be introduced into the security maze, adding to economic dilemmas and social problems.
* Introduction to the television bulletin "OTV"
In September 1983, the Israelis came out of the mountain and one of their military commanders told the Christian military officer: "Now you can spoil some of you, but wait a bit to complete our exit." We will not return to this stage, we will not move anything in the wound or pull out painful memories. It was a war between the two main components that made the essence of Lebanon and human dignity in it in the face of the Mamlukes, Salihites, Ottomans and devotees. Friends, for hundreds of years, have been leading the martyrdom, dignity and conservation of land and exposition, from Fahruddin Saif al-Jabal, to Bashir Yumblat, astronomer, the hero of Jabal al-Arab Sultan Pasha al-Atrasha, to the knight of Shakib Arslan, to the great national Madhil Arslan , to a philosopher and only in his time Kamala. Jumblatt, to all the constellations of people who have done with our partners and allies and the sons of the mountain and the earth, we gave them Christians, they made the glory of Lebanon in front of the hearts of the British, the ambitions of the Austrians, the dreams of Russians and the lies of the rulers and lords.

The mountain fell into blood and tears for the first time after a lie in 1840. It fell a second time after the intrigue of 1845, and fell for the third time after the test of 1860, the fourth time after the curse of 1983.

Great people met on a small scene. Western camp opposite the eastern camp, and an analogy here with the chosen owner Walid Djumblat. The incident occurred in 1983, in Saturn and in the Motherland. The rivers of blood and escort martyrs filled the mountain from both sides, once the only oasis of freedom in the desert of injustice and darkness, and a rose among the thorns of the Ottoman Sultanate.

From Al-Minasif to two rivers, from Bahmodun to Ayn ​​al-Gilzun to Batalon, from the head to Kfermat to his father and the eyes of the fractures and its meaning, and what is known as the Western Sahara in Ali, the Levantine fought and blood, which they voted and abstained.
It was 36 years ago. Rana and her salt increase pain and pain, especially in Kufrimy and surrounding villages. The refugees of these villages carried their trenches, squares, memories of their childhood and the smell of their land and left. And the burden of those who remained, his pain and the nature of his relatives and the holiness of his sins and the bitterness of his tears, he did not forget.
36 years later, Gibran Vasily visits the village of Ali. The past is awakening to reconciliation, which is not clear and handshake. The war ended. Politics and enthusiasm limit love and dialogue has no limits. What has happened today in Kibrińmun and Kaframa confirms and proves that reconciliation from the top is not enough. What's needed, and more than ever, is to clear the memory, remove the siege, and restore bridges of confidence so that the current generation does not pay the price for what previous generations did.
Everyone wants to beat the past and wipe out the war with his memory. But history, which is repeated in this unfortunate East, can sometimes suppress innocent people, but will never be merciful to the weak and the cowards.
What happened today in Ali and the deserts is an uncomfortable indication that some are using the past to block the future, and the most serious blow to stability in one home to take advantage of the solution and the monopoly option. There is such an African saying: When the thorns are fragile, you can walk barefoot on it, but when it grows, a herd of elephants can not pass. There are those who see today – and really – that he can not even stand how to walk.
The mountain war ended, but the Tiger war seems to last … but for a while.
* Introduction of TV news "mtv"
If we are to monitor intensive political activity, one can easily conclude that the budget forces did not use the weekend, the time runs out economically and financially, and pressure from all directions is depleted by the government to steal an unfavorable regional moment for securing Lebanon's right to Sidra funds and a thriving tourist season. Putting the state on the path of progress, or at least, fulfilling its obligation to be a student in the eyes of the states that support it.
The most visible evidence of official interest in the budget is reflected in the shimmering lights of the House of Representatives; we are on the seventh day, the break-even day, where the financial committee meets to discuss the allocations of the Ministries of Justice, Agriculture and the Constitutional Council. Conduct one session devoted to the study of outstanding subjects.
The movement of the parliamentary government put the military in resignation under a microscope and called for what they called a great day, and Münterin would not allow deputies and ministers to reach parliament and Serai, if they are not obliged to touch their achievements and rights.
The Council of Ministers will keep up with these issues with extraordinary attention, and the meeting will be held on Tuesday, but the meeting will be divided according to its results.
Meanwhile, Lebanon receives the official US envoy David Sutterfield, who is responding to Israel's position on Lebanon's demarcation of the southern border. American attention coincides with the arrival of the French Defense Minister in Beirut to underline the support for stability and discuss the needs of the army.
As the state is looking for itself, it fired in the Aley area, where the residents and supporters of the "progressive socialist" blocked the roads to prevent the Minister Getran Bassil reaching the city of Kufrimti to meet Nasir al-Din al-Hariba on the pretext that Basil provoked his speech. Delivered to the Western market. They accused the secretary of the secretary, Saleh al-Gariba, in shooting the people, a clash occurred, which led to the death of two escort ministers and two wounded from the "socialist."
* Introduction to the newsletter "LBCI"
What has changed between the Mass of Repentance and Forgiveness last March, when the head of the Progressive Socialist Party Walid Jumbletat and Foreign Minister Gibran Basil stood in Deira Al Kamari, said that reconciliation is more powerful and important and, above all, for a better future. . If we do not agree with politics and we must learn from the past to build the future today?
Today, the reconciliation has shaken, and the excursion of Basil, which was planned in the Alei area, was tense and tense from the early morning until the events in Kafrtha.

Today it has happened that the political conflict was stronger than reconciliation, and that from all over the mountain, and even from the martyrs, what has happened today is a painful reality that nobody can admit.

We did not reconcile after the war, we removed the actual lines of contact, yes, but we kept the worst of them, hatred, and our constant readiness, immediate and affiliated, and unreasonable, to quickly roll back to the war.
What happened in Kafmätta has led to at least two dead and several wounded, including more than one critical state, and all those who fell today fell under the lie of cohabitation that we hide behind them, which became necessary to all, who reveals his truth. The land is in front of the leaders because they will inevitably reconcile, but those who fell today are only reminded by their people, and the story shows that.
* Introduction to the new TV newsletter

Donald Trump moved to Kufa Corriya, and Gibran's road stumbled in the direction of Kufrat. The war on the mountain was due to unfulfilled causes, bullets, environments and the fall of the victims, as well as the statement of the sources of a free patriotic movement that Foreign Minister Gheteran Bassil is a target, and statements by the "socialist" accuse the current "president" of provocations and invading villages Minister Akram Shahib paid him a high price for the army, and Basilla was accused of "socialism" in inventing the language that went with the war.
But Secretary Saleh al-Harib announced that his convoy had made a clear attempt to kill, refusing to get a "visa" for the ride. He said he was an armed ambush.
Both sides, the "socialists" and the "national trend", distributed scenes to prove the attack incident, but in all scenes we faced a state of war, in which victims died, they are the accomplices of the leaders. We are accustomed to such difficult moments, and we ask our students to exercise restraint.

Who fired the first one ?, from São Al-Jabal with fire barricades? Each issue answers in its own way, but it is consistent that the mountain on an ordinary day was restored one day from the time of gangs and wars, and that some politicians honored their hot rhetoric and fixed their statements, calling for rest.

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