Saturday , January 23 2021

New scandal for Bargawi!

On the file «head of the current Arabian» Shaker Bargawi before the military judiciary, «procedural confusion», dismissed Judge Tani Latouf's Judge Tani Latouf Judge Judge Mona Higgins reverses the absent award issued by the court military in February last year, who declared his innocence He was still fictitious on murder costs, attempted murder and terrorism on the background of "sports events" events March 2014 and then "military discrimination" of his decision to draw that she receives the appeal back. Sources found that the head of the body turned Judicial Saad Saad, judicial judge on 18 October, charged Judge Saad from two days in military court glasses after being tried for offenses and being sentenced to nine months' imprisonment and replacement sentenced prison with a fine, sent a letter to the government commissioner in the Military Court Judge Peter Germannos filed Bargawi's entire file, where he referred to the Director of the General Court Brigader Hussein Abdullah, who in turn referred to the Defense Minister Yacoub Sarraf that the court belongs to the Ministry and falls under its guardian.

However, the teller's decision in this regard became a surprise and contrary to the law when he declined to refuse the judicial inspection application to overwrite the Burjawi file, stating that & # 39; r military courts are subject to the inspection authority. Even a head of "military discrimination" is a justice judge and is subject to judicial review authority.

If the decision of the Court of Military Casation to reconsider that he is accepting the offer of veto and the Trial trial for innocently declared offenses, there is a precedent in the history of the Libanus judiciary, the decision of the Minister for Defense to suspend the judicial and non- # 39; n "prevent" The criminal materials attached to Bargaining, what is a new scandal in this file, which showed the amount of presentation to the party weight used in this case, those parties who had "Barcong" with "representative" since the surrender itself and even being moved from court on Friday evening October 18 last year.

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