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Qatar deserves to adopt a project to protect antagonism in the Arab world

The Qatar Authors’ Forum remotely held a final symposium on the occasion of the International Arabic Language Day, which lasted from December 18 last year, on the occasion of the International Arabic Language Day. Arab countries and countries around the world, amid calls for Qatar to adopt a project to protect the Arabic language, and it will be disseminated in the Arab world through the League of Arab States, and the recommendation is a joint effort of Arab countries to computerize the language.
Ms. Maryam Yassin Al Hammadi, Director General of the Qatar Authors ‘Forum, opened the symposium, highlighting the participants’ efforts and contribution to the Arabic language ministry.
For his part, Dr. Hamda Hassan Al-Sulayti, Secretary General of the Qatar National Commission for Education, Culture and Science, delegated Professor Abdullah Al-Kubaisi, who reaffirmed that cooperation with the forum had helped to strengthen the culture of writing and speaking in Arabic and that the program included a wide range of activities, with the hope that these activities would contribute to the support and dissemination of the Arabic language throughout the world.
Writer Saleh Garib said: “The various activities that are taking place are aimed at strengthening national identity, as it is an integral part of us.”
Doctor. Abdelhak Belabed, a professor of literature, critical research and approach at Qatar University and coordinator of the festivities, said the activities lasted for three months and that they took place in exceptional circumstances due to the spread of the Crown pandemic, but did not prevent Arabic enthusiasts from continuing. through cyberspace to be the first holiday in Arabic In the Arab world, it will last more than three months, indicating that the number of participating countries has exceeded 15 of the Arab world and world countries.
In turn, Dr. Muhammad Al-Ani, a member of the Scientific Committee of the Scientific Complex in Iraq, must pass a single general law on the preservation of the Arabic language for its protection, and it will be transmitted to Arab countries through the League of Arab States, provided that Qatar accepts and begins with it. to protect, empower and preserve the integrity of the Arabic language.

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In turn, Dr. Omar Al-Ajli, a professor at the Public College, did not allow a student who did not master Arabic to pass the educational level until he was able to pass the Arabic language exams to restore his prestige. said the doctor. Osama Reyes, a member of the Sudanese Linguistic Academy, said the events were like a wedding for the Arabic language. He urged to occupy the digital space rich in content to engage and engage the child so that he does not look for a source in a second language.
Doctor. The President of the Canadian Arab Cultural Center, Achilles Sahri, said it was time to work hard to keep Arabic among the vibrant and rich languages ​​to be taught internationally, and called on everyone to innovate in their fields of specialization, given Arabic as a gateway to geography. culture.
Dr. Hani Al-Seha from Indonesia confirmed that Arabic is unique to other languages ​​because it has a spiritual side that attracts listeners, as it is the language of revelation, as well as the language of international communication and one of the six UN languages.

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The doctor explained. Olena Khomistka, a professor of Arabic and translation at Kyiv University in Ukraine, noted that Arabic is very popular in Ukraine and is taught at more than one university. And Dr. Jaafar Yayush from the University of Algeria. Creation of a group of master classes in Arabic on the occasion of Doha, the capital of culture in the Islamic world in 2021.
In the intervention d. Yahya Al-Mahdi from the University of Qatar explained that the Arabic language will remain a link that unites the Arab world and connects it with the world, pointing out that it is able to keep pace with development and modernization.
The doctor emphasized. Muhammad Javad Al-Nuri, a former vice president of the Palestinian Language Academy, stressed the importance of Arabic keeping up with the times. Doctor. Mohammed Al-Saudi, Secretary General of the Jordanian Academy of Arabic, seeks to create an Arab project and unite the efforts of Arab countries to computerize the language.

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