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Tunes wins the sixth stage and the peaks of Chikuni


Belgian cyclist Dylan Tunes took first place at the sixth stage of the French tour of France, while Italian Julio Chiconi grabbed a yellow jersey from Frenchman Julien Allewilp after finishing second in a 160.5-km-long scene at the top of La Planche de Bel Vieux. It is 1140 meters above sea level.

Belgium Cassandra Morris came in 1 minute 5 seconds.

In general, Chikoni 6 seconds ahead of the Olympics, who on Monday captured a yellow jersey.

The 24-year-old Chicon was first involved in the French troupe.

The seventh stage, the longest in the French round, is 230 kilometers between Balfour and Chalon-sur-Sung.

– rating of the first one in the sixth stage:
1. The Belgian Dylan Tunes 4.29.03 hours
2. Giulio Chiquone, Italy, 11 seconds
3. Belgian Cassandra Maurice 1.05 minutes
4. Williams, Gerint Thomas, 1.44
5. Tipppo Pinto, France, 1-46

– Overall Rating:
Italian Julio Chikun (23.14.55)
2 – Frenchman Julien Alleville 6 seconds behind
3 – Belgian Dylan Tunes for 32 seconds
George Bennett of New Zealand for 47 seconds
5 – Welsh Jeroen Thomas 49 seconds

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