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We thought that the stranger would be mediocre, but he left us and left Arslan and went to Basil


Minister of Education and Higher Education, Akram Shahib, said that "the speech of the head of the minister of free patriotic movement, Hebron Bassil, reminds us of the unacceptable harsh stages of the war in Lebanon, and we consider the story and the war unconstructive, and we believe that the war has ended," he added. Not with them, although we said that we completed it with the late Patriarch Cardinal Mar Nasralla Boutros Sfeir.

"The State Minister for Displaced Persons, Saleh Al-Garib, has decided to bring Basil to his hometown, and we regret the loss of our two sons on the mountain, and all Lebanon loses," he said.

He said: "After 2001, we did not celebrate or celebrate the memory of our martyrs, because the war has ended and we do not want to harm anyone's sight." He said Basil's speech at Deira Al Kamari was the basis of the problem. He continued: "All those who fell on the road and Gali to their parents and thus received the reaction of people, and I said the word that the first words of the war."

He stressed that "the power of Walid Jumblet is the Arab national site of his choice, this historic home with its national orientation will not change," noting that "the sub council of the judiciary or the military court can not talk about and when you want to be under the authority of the state and the law, you must convey all they need to you. "He explained that" when he asked for the names of suspected mixed organs were transferred, "adding:" We are enthralled by the security of the mountain and stability, and when the investigation ends for each incident and is modern picture is clear But have someone does not want to clean the painting. "

He added: "With regard to the incident that took place in Cabrushmon with Minister Saleh al-Garib, then a strange tuple was from 11 cars, and there are people on the front of the column that opened fire on the street to people in all directions," calling "to go on investigation and the state to conduct an investigation ". "We thought that Saleh al-Gharb would be a moderate minister, but we left and left the deputy Talal Arslan and left for Vasil."

And the President of the Republic stressed that "all political forces should be under his auspices, he founded the Free Patriotic Movement and must talk with Vasil – this is his way."

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