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What is a "dawn phenomenon"? .. This is also a treatment


Doctors point out that the main reason is that everyone suffers from a slight increase in blood sugar in the morning, known as "the dawn phenomenon."

This phenomenon is due to our natural rhythms that increase the production of insulin – which reduces glucose levels – during sleep and the levels of other hormones that increase glucose levels that are ready to provide our activity with energy as soon as we awake.

Some people with Type 2 diabetes have metabolic disorders and the liver continues to produce new glucose (made from dietary carbohydrates and protein), despite the presence of too much glucose in the blood.

Doctors recommend taking the next steps to control high blood sugar in the morning:
1 – Take enough water to maintain water.
2 – Have a healthy breakfast and do not refrain from breakfast.
3. If you have Type 2 diabetes, you can use Indian Phytotherapy Coriander, which can help improve glucose control in the blood.
4. Monitor the blood sugar level throughout the day to see the effects of various foods on the health of the patient.

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