Friday , June 18 2021

Boxer Kavaliauskas, who was defeated by a defeated opponent, won two champion wins

Ecuador Kavaliauskas, 28-year-old Nicaragu spokesman, Robert Arriaz, won the night of professional boxing fighting in Oklahoma, USA.

He won the winner in the last seconds of the third round when he sent the competitor to the game. Before that, the Nicaraguan boxer gave the Lithuanian mouse to cut, but that did not prevent E. Kavaliauskas from continuing the battle.

NABF E. Kavaliauskas champion's wife won last September. For the first time, this belt was protected by Lithuanian in February and the second by July.

During his career, E. Kavaliauskas won the entire round of professionals on March 21 (17 – killed). R. Arriazis was the first failure of a professional cycle. He counted 17 prizes (13 were killed).

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