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Gabrielius Landsbergis: No minister can change in government


"There is a huge storm, a thunderstorm, but only after a bit further, we see that the storm is still a glass – the same person, the same problem (…) nothing new in the world," said G. Landsbergis in on the "News of the Radio".

Statement by President Guitta Nuude on the fact that the national defense minister, Reymond Caroble, whose portfolio under the Coalition Treaty should go to the Justice and Justice Party, should continue to work, the head of the conservative believes that no minister will be subsequently replaced by the government.

"I have the impression that we are likely to vote next week in the Saeima for Prime Minister Saul Skvernell, not knowing what ministers are, because he is not obliged to represent them, and in a few days we we will learn that nobody changes at all, because such a consensus with the president. " – says Landsbergis.

"The second vote in the Sejm is unnecessary for the program or for ministers. S. Skvernel should have only one voice in the Sejm, after which all the cards are in his hands, and he can no longer change anything ", – added the head of TS-LKD.

ELTA reminds that the last parliamentary elections in the Sejm were the presidents of four parties that formed the ruling coalition – peasants, rulers, social workers and the election campaign of the Lithuanian Poles – the Union of Christian Families (LLRA-KŠ) – signed a coalition agreement. In addition to the harmonization of the government program points, ministerial positions were also allocated.

The posts of the Ministry of Agriculture and Foreign Affairs were transferred to the Social Democratic Workers' Party, while the Order and Justice appointed a new Minister of National Defense, while the portfolios of the Ministry of Transport and Internal Affairs had the prerogatives of the election campaign of the Lithuanian Poles.

Nevertheless, the elected president, Mr Nauseda, said that he believed that the Minister of National Defense, Mr Karoble, should remain in his position as a well-versed professional.
Ministers are appointed by the President on the proposal of the Prime Minister.

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