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Lima Vaikule spoke about treacherous illness, inability to have children and why she would lose


65-year-old L. Vaykule never concealed a fatalist. She believes that everyone has their own destiny. A woman with the upcoming second half Andriy Latkovsky sees a woman from above. Relationships of lovers began in the 20th century. in the 1970s. The couple had to test many tests.

Andrew was near, when Lyme went on tour, helped her record new songs and morally supported the most difficult moments. When the singer heard the diagnosis of a serious illness, she told her only about Andrew. At that time, the career of L. Waikule was high, she had to record an album in the United States.

Despite the pessimistic predictions of doctors, a woman crippled the disease. Near him was a beloved, and today Andrew and Lima practically do not differ. Looking at the country, it may seem that in their relationship is dominated by a complete idyll, but this was not always the case. According to L. Vaykule, their common future threatened. We were divided. I had to teach him, but it did not last long. I taught you. I do not disclose reasons, this is our personal business ", – the singer emphasized.

Another blow to L. Vaykuley was the news that she could not have children. During the "Man's Destiny" edition, the star has responded mixedly to Boris Korchevnikov's question about pregnancy.

L. Vaikule still acts and gives time to his friends and friends. Despite the fact that their relationship lasts more than 40 years, L. Vajkule and A. Latkowski never married. The singer is convinced that the stamp in the passport – it's just a formality, it can be happy and without it.

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