Wednesday , November 25 2020

Officials who received a report of a drunk driver could not wake the woman in the car, and doctors – not

When the officers arrived, there was nothing behind the wheel of the Peugeot (Belarusian license plates), and the couple was sitting in the back seat. The woman, according to officials, was “comic” – the police could not wake her. As a result, an ambulance was called, but doctors were also unable to wake her. The ambulance took the woman to the hospital for sobriety.

The man in the car, who was apparently drunk (a Belarusian citizen), refused to blow into the breathalyzer. Refusal to check is tantamount to heavy drinking, so if the suspicion of driving is confirmed, the Belarusian is awaiting a pre-trial investigation. The foreigner (born in 1986) was detained and taken to the police station.

By the way, the country to which the woman was taken to the hospital is unclear, as she did not have identity documents.

There was a feast in the front passenger seat: a plastic bottle of beer and a rolled-up cake. There was also a roll of toilet paper. The seats were sprinkled with white powder – they may have fallen from the cake.

The Peugeot was taken to the police parking lot.

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