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R.Dargis: The future of the state depends on the success of the formation of a teacher

The prime minister is running the risk of promising a price revolution, and the Education Minister burns his confidence in reforming education. As not all the steps taken in the education reform were welcomed, regular pay for teachers' work was causing a high level of dissatisfaction with the strike.

Yes, only 7 of the 7 education trades unions find it hard. Or about 2 thousand. According to the ministry, educational institutions hit around 40, although they should increase Monday, but are dissatisfied, though they do not exist, much more.

Educational specialists, who work in this area themselves, said that salaries did not increase as much as they would be a little boy, young teachers can not assault, and eye confusion. She is the only one lasting. Judgment is criticized because it does not speak to teachers, it does not discuss transformation issues, and so the amendment is implemented by "reducing it from & # 39 ; the highest principle ". Talk about this with the president of the Confederation of Industrialists, Mr Dargius.

– I want to quote: "Teachers – one of the most important members of the public – speak for themselves, and not only to delegate their voice to mental trade unions. When the vast majority of teachers themselves start talking about the need to reform the system so that they can teach and prepare our children for future challenges, we will break out unfortunately and have a real chance to change the system in principle. "I understand that you & # 39; n trust the education trade unions, their trade unions lost confidence and created medical movement. Why do not you trust trade unions?

– The trade union – with only one chance of representation. We are very aware that there are associations, teacher associations – and the Primary School Teachers Association, there is also a Association of Secondary Directors, Media, and Association of Directors of the Gymnastics, with probably more than 240 directors. And I have to meet them, I often take part in interviews with the heads of those associations, during their meetings and I ask them the question: "And what are you and # 39 ; n Think about reforming the education system? " And unfortunately, there is no discussion in any of these groups and there are no suggestions.

We have the same system as we used to be in advance, just a democracy that allows more talk and a strike. This is something that "reduces" the policy, someone is dissatisfied. In a democratic system, all of us should be created, everyone, I mean, is involved in the process, and then we can watch what it does not like, what failed, how to adapt and move on.

I often say that the most important thing is to move on, make reforms because of the base that does not fit and change it. I think there is a lot of talk.

Balkūnas spiders / 15 minute picture / Robert Dargis

Balkūnas spiders / 15 minute picture / Robert Dargis

– Does this mean that the teachers themselves do not know exactly what they need?

– Teachers do not systematize their vision of how education should be changed, and if we leave today only to some narrow group, say who seats and determines in the Sejm, reform of education policy, the I think, is the same as the needs of the state.

Furthermore, today, not only can further education specialists say how reforms should be made. I believe that every group of society that has an interest in the future of the state must join. I am convinced that the future of the state depends entirely on how we are successful in forming a teacher today as it will form a person who will have to live in the middle of the 21st century and be able to fight all these challenges .

– I'm the same as I would like to ask you. When we talk about a full-time teacher's pay, as if the biggest problem, it's already clear from your own language that this is not the biggest problem, it's just one small particle. Does the school meet today's expectations? They grow and teach the man in the future, e.g. and I want to ask you what the quality of our school education is, how do you rate it?

– Well, for the moment, very well, say, the big increase after we were in school, you probably did not. In essence, we still have some revised system with the teaching of the recipe for children: the teacher said that the child was repeating. If he answered him, as the teacher said, he was appraised well, if he did not repeat it badly.

I believe, in principle, that the school itself should start asking questions to the child. We need a creative, capable person to create added value with their information from the school. I have a great deal of value in adding value, not just in business, has been measured by money.

Can you say today that the school is developing children? Unfortunately not yet. And we need to start with teacher training. When we have the right education programs for teachers, then we will be able to talk about what kind of child should he leave school.

– But the ministry says a lot about the fact that the teacher must also change. And even, as we understand, there were cuts in teacher training, there was no Education University.

– I believe that what is really missing today is serious educational programs. In terms of that teacher and how it should be prepared, we are still early.

I would have liked this much more effort, much more specialized experts, world experience, knowing how the teacher should be prepared. Then we can expect something to happen.

But I do not want to say "black" here that everything here is bad for us. It must be understood that the current technological advances of the fourth industrial revolution raise the question of education as a whole in the world as it should be. And the problem we are talking about today, about teacher education, about the education of children and people in schools, is not a Lithuanian issue. Similarly, in all European countries, the issue is dealt with, just as it is in the developed countries of the world. And here the teacher is the first answer, which one will have to handle most.

– Does the ministry find out how he wants to leave the school behind him, the way in which the school must go? What kind of teacher does she want to raise? Still, everything starts in the minds of the ministry too?

– Yes, I have to talk a lot to the Education Minister and I will say that this is the understanding. The minister himself understands how much the ministry understands, how they are ready to change, or are they really incredible today to bring these changes into live, this is a question.

And even more importantly is the question of the size of the education system itself, I mean, the school is ready to swap. Let's not forget that that education is a very difficult area, in fact there are many people in it, and it's very slowly changing. I am convinced that you have read Stefan Zweig and read about the Austrian school that it describes in the fourteenth and twentieth centuries. Whoever fell to the eye, including the books of S. Zweig, that an educational system was so hard, conservative, difficult to reach, and is criticized.

We remember here 1900 years. And we're moving ourselves now 120 years ago … The same is essentially. Due to the fact that it is very inert, but we need leaders today and I will need it, I will imagine this government's commitment to this matter, because it seems to me that it is essential in the place this.

– I listen to you and I think this is the time to publish your candidacy.

– where?

– For example, for the presidency. Onid you guys?

– Both candidates.

– Do not have plans?

– I'm not really

– But there are others: the martyrs, the boroughs, and the elections to the European Parliament.

– Everyone has fallen asleep at the elections to the mayor's election. I believe that I can be useful in my place. That's what I'll do, I'll do it consistently. You know me for a long time, I do not change my beliefs for many years, but today society's rate of growth is still not enough for me. It should really change faster.

– Well, thank you.

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