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The sovereign government transferred the rest of the monks in Queen Vizice to the Church

In 2002, the Church and Monastery of the Virishes Church was returned to Vilnius Archdiocese, who moved the corridor there in 2007, but the prison structures in the territory remained in the state. There was an administrative bed room, as well as insulator, dining room, bakery.

The unique place of the late Baroque church was divided into many solvents by reinforced concrete ceilings. According to BNS, Vilnius's deputy director, Česlovas Jocius, deputy director of the monastery after the Second World War, closed the part of the complex that was transferred to the church this week in December 2008.

"The detention center was established in the old Vizičiai monastery, during the Soviet era the church was used, monasteries for other purposes. The Vizičiai ensemble includes the Church of Jesus Christ, who had shared with overheads, had done of three or four floors, and warehouses were made there. We transfer these buildings to the bodies in 2006, "said Č. Jocius

The remaining part of buildings was transferred to implement the agreement on compensation for the property that was not returned to the church – this sum has recently reached 1.72 million. euro Total assets transferred to 1.04 million. This amount will be deducted from this debt.

The aim will be to open the heritage to the public

The curator of the Vilnius Archbishop states that plans for the restoration of the Viziyčiai ensemble will be considered after the Government's decision.

"It's still too early to say how much money and time it will take to restore this ensemble, but the only goal is to have one day open to people, removing believers and meeting the needs of the community," says Mykolas Juozapavičius, economist Vilnius Archbishopric, in a commentary to BNS.

After organizing the Vizičiai ensemble, according to him, along with the Cathedral and Monasteri nearby, the Guardian Hill – one of the most prominent elements of the Vilnius Old Town landscape, is being rescued because Vilnius has & # 39; to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

"To protect and open this unique cultural heritage for people, there is a common interest of the Church and the state, but buildings are not just heritage. Once again, life rises on the Savior's hill – two monasteries, a shadow for them, a women's pension, and two open churches to the worshipers. During the Soviet era, this place fell and ruined in Vilnius, but I think that one day it could again be restated, "said M.Juozapavičius.

According to him, it would have been impossible to regenerate and adapt Vizice Monastery ensemble activities without the right to resolve the fate of Soviet prison attachments in his yard.

The visit of the monks was established to Vilnius in the late 17th century, at the invitation of Bishop Ciprijon Povilas Bžostovsky – in 1717, a temporary chapel was built on the street of the current Rasų.

After 40 years, the Church of Jesus Christ of the Baroque later appeared here, and in the third quarter of the 18th century the palace palace.

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